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Member security should be a number one concern for any company in the anabolic steroid industry so please make sure the companies you associate with yourself will follow security protocols. At Canadian Anabolics all of your personal data is encrypted as well as any communication via live chat or email, your personal information is our number one priority. Fully secure SSL connections are established on all of our pages so that you can rest assured that your personal information is kept safe.


We support the best of the best laboratories that only produce top quality anabolic steroids in Canada. This allows us to showcase the best steroid products in Canada. These producers are essential in persevering our culture and producing world class steroids that will allow you to get the very best results. From Vancouver Island BC  to Halifax, NS we’re continually focused on supporting premium products that come from small batch production where the details are never missed. This delivers you the very best anabolic steroids in Canada.


As a user, if your values don’t align with the Mail Order steroid site then it will never workout. Please make sure that you join an online steroid seller or marketplace community in Canada where you believe their community’s values align with yours. Today with massive change we’re experiencing in our industry its vital that we support brands and companies that will shine a positive light on our industry. We are dedicated to building community that links brands from Vancouver Island BC to Halifax, NS..


It’s always nice to know someone cares. We always try to remind our members just how happy we are that they have continually support us. We often send out gifts with our members,  promos for newsletter subscribers, and exclusive pricing/discounts for our long term supports. We also continually run internal contests to support new brands or products that join our marketplace, ensuring we get the best product for our community to get their hands on as soon as possible. We appreciate you! Never forget that.


A lot gets left out when buy anabolics steroids online as opposed to in person . We’re here to answer any questions about a product or technical difficulties you might have through our live chat support. Any and all of your feedback is also welcome. We’re now here 7 days week to assist you in choosing the right anabolic steroids for your needs or resolving any technical difficulties you might have. All of our customer service staff have integrity and look out for your personal safety and responsible usage of the products we sell. We will not recommend or sell you anything that you do not need or want. We are here to be 100% honest and give you truthful advice that will lead to the desire results you are looking for with taking anabolics steroids.


Just like any good relationship we believe it should get better over time. At Canadian Anabolics we offer a progressive loyalty points system that rewards our members with 5% cash back for credits on their next purchase with us when they share the love to other steroid users in Canada. We also offer you a personalized discount code that will allow your friends to automatically receive a 5% discount off their first order.

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Encrypted Privacy Protection

With our secured site rest assure that your information is protected through out the entire process.

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We ship out with Canada Post. Providing fast discreet shipping, and a tracking number for you to access and monitor.

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Email Transfer

Our preferred method of payment is Electronic Email - Transfer. Approved by all major Canadian banks in Canada.

Canadian Anabolics is a premium online steroid marketplace that allows you to buy steroids in Canada with confidence. With over 10 years of experience in the online steroid business, we work hard with our partners to bring you only top quality steroids. Anabolic steroids in Canada can very widely in terms of quality and consistency. At Canadian Anabolics, we take the time to research, investigate, and test the products we sell so that we offer you, the customer the best online buying experience in Canada. If you are looking to buy steroids in Canada, you’ll never have to ask yourself again “where to buy steroids” because you found Canadian Anabolics. Welcome home to the last place you’ll ever search to buy steroids online.  

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