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All you need to know about SARMS


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) are the supplements that are used to enhance lean muscle growth, fat loss, and higher bone strength. SARMS provides the bodybuilders with an opportunity to enhance strength and achieve much greater muscle mass. It also reduces the muscle recovery time for bodybuilders to recover much faster and have greater gains.

SARMS have many similarities with performance-enhancing steroids, but they are not the same. Both SARMS and steroids bind to the androgen receptors, which in return results in faster muscle growth. Keep in mind that fitness steroids come with a multitude of side effects like hair loss, kidney failure, erectile dysfunction, and other prostate issues. On the other hand, SARMS has no reported side effects. SARMS are considered tissue-selective, this means it only targets the muscles without interacting with other organs of the body.    

Aside from that SARMS has other therapeutic properties like endurance against the wear and tear of muscles, protection against bone arthritis, and reduced chances of hypogonadism. These properties have made SARMS popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and heavy weight-lifters. SARMS has come forward as a testosterone booster with no reported side effects. There are many testosterone boosters in the market which will provide similar results, but prolonged usage of those supplements will result in catastrophic side effects.  

It is important to note that SARMS has been extensively used to treat medical conditions including different types of cancer, obesity, extensive fat loss, arthritis, and cardiovascular ailments. Over the past few years,people have shown keen interest in SARMS. Research shows that more and more people are taking SARMS, but there are no exact figures on how many people are using SARMS. Learn more so you can be equipped when you buy SARMS online in Canada.

History of SARMS

In the early 1990’s Dr. James T Dalton was working on a treatment for prostate cancer when he accidentally discovered the molecule andarine. It was considered to be the first SARM. Although it had little effect on the treatment of prostate cancer, it showed a remarkable effect on muscle growth. At the time it was not considered for its properties of muscle growth, but as time passed people started to notice its muscle growth properties.

After a few years of discovery of molecular andarine, the first SARM. Dr. James T Dalton continued his research on SARMS and tried to refine the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. At last, he discovered ostarine. Ostarine was considered to be the refined version of molecular andarine. 

The clinical trials then started, it involved a group of elderly men over a period of 10 – 12 weeks. Elderly men were given a dose of Ostarine and results were monitored closely. Early results suggested growth in muscle and a significant reduction in fat. The subjects showed lean muscle growth and improved mobility. Apparently, the subjects showed a 15% increase in stair climbing ability and significant improvement in overall strength. 

The trial showed no significant breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, so the trial was considered inconclusive and all production on SARMS was halted immediately. Since then SARMS is only available for research purposes only. But few black market companies have been using SARMS as a key ingredient in their bodybuilding products. 

SARMS vs. Steroids

The basic working of steroids and SARMS is similar, but SARMS is said to be the tissue-selective supplement. Steroids boost the testosterone level in your body which results in superior muscle building. But the side effects associated with steroids and testosterone boosters are hazardous to the human body.   

On the other hand tissue-selective, SARMS does not have any side effects. Instead, they have therapeutic properties that maintain equilibrium in the body. Prohormones and SARMS have similar muscle gaining properties. Prolonged use of Prohormones will result in side effects like liver damage and kidney failure. This means that Prohormones is much stronger and will result in much better gains than SARMS, but ultimately it will affect vital body organs. 

Because of no side effects, SARMS can be used by anyone who is looking to enhance testosterone levels regardless of gender, height, weight, body type, and fitness. Whereas steroids can cause serious health issues for people with underlying heart disease or obesity. Steroids are also not recommended for teenagers because they can cause long-lasting effects on the body. 

Research has shown that SARMS targeted tissue effect can cause significant fat loss. The tissue-selective property is effective in burning fat while maximizing muscle gain. It is also evident from research that SARMS does not saturate body cells as steroids. When body cells are saturated by steroids it causes complications and eventually damages vital organs of the body.  

Is SARMS legal?

Many companies are trying to meet the rising demand of SARMS. It is clear that SARMS is considered to be unlicensed medicine and should not be sold to customers. It is strictly a research-based chemical which and selling it to customers is illegal. Research labs can use SARMS for research purposes but selling it will cause some serious legal repercussions. 

In 2017, US drug authorities launched a campaign against SARMS. They said that it is highly concerning that SARMS is being used in bodybuilding products. They also said that SARMS has serious safety risks like increased chances of heart attack, liver damage, and kidney damage. SARMS is not officially legal, which means that products that contain SARMS are also illegal. As authorities have shown serious concerns regarding its safety, it is highly recommended to be cautious before taking it. 

Side Effects of SARMS

There are no official reports on any visible side effects of SARMS. All the information available on the internet is strictly user-based. The SARMS users have reported significant muscle gains, overall strength gain, and better athletic performance. Common side effects that some users have described contain higher blood pressure, skin rash, and blurred vision. Because there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, we cannot be sure about any of the side effects. We can neither support nor reject these claims, scientific research is necessary to validate these claims.