Legacy Laboratories
Testosterone Enanthate

250mg / 10ml



Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate

One of the oldest steroids ever, Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate a highly used anabolic steroid. It is an oil-based injectable steroid that is designed to release testosterone (the primary male sex hormone) slowly from the injection sites. When administered, this derivative of testosterone will increase the serum concentrations of testosterone for about two to three weeks.

10ml / 250mg

Drug Profile

Ideal for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate is a suitable steroid for many people. Those dealing with lower testosterone levels and athletes who need a jump in performance can greatly benefit from this steroid. Made from a single ester, this compound is a synthetic form of testosterone that has a carboxylic acid ester attached in enanthic acid (Enanthate).


  • Effective TRT – When you are looking for testosterone replacement therapy that is the real deal, look no further than Testosterone Enanthate. Keeping your testosterone at elevated levels throughout your life is key to a balanced, passionate lifestyle.
  • Solid Performance Enhancer– Many performance enhancing groups love Testosterone Enanthate because of its ability to help you recover fast, become stronger, get bigger, and retain muscle mass. Become the best version of yourself and buy Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate today.
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention – Staying anabolic is always on the top of lifters minds. Whether you are natural or use anabolics, it is key to stay in an anabolic state while pursuing your goals. By keeping a positive nitrogen ratio in your body, Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate retains all your lean muscle gains when cutting, bulking, or maintaining.

Side Effects

The most commonly described side effects of Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate are estrogenic and androgenic. You may experience gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, and a decrease in HDL cholesterol.

HDL cholesterol can be unaffected in healthy individuals that live a cholesterol-friendly lifestyle. Many of these side effects can be dealt with through proper side supplementation. Wherever there is an issue with steroids, there is a highly available solution to the adverse side effect in question.

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What You Can Expect from Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate

INCREASED TEST LEVELS: Especially for lower testosterone level individuals, bumping up test levels is crucial. Without question, buy Legacy Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate and you can expect healthy, high testosterone levels within weeks.

LEAN BULK ENHANCMENT: If your nutrition dictates a bulk, you can bet that a chiseled, lean bulk is underway. All you need to do is keep your food in check and the lean mass will come.

STIMULATES FAT LOSS: Although neither specifically a bulking or cutting steroid, Testosterone Enanthate can be used for cutting as well. When your testosterone is increased, your metabolism is increased as well. In turn, fat loss speeds up the leaner you become.

WELL-ROUNDED PED: Built and designed or any athletic performance enhancing needs, buy Testosterone Enanthate and crush your goals.

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