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Legacy Laboratories Cytomel (T3)

Designed to positively affect your BMR (basil metabolic rate), Legacy Laboratories Cytomel (T3) is an essential thyroid hormone. This hormone is responsible for metabolizing fats, carbs, and proteins when indigested. Typically, a low dose of T3 is all it takes to effectively take care of hypothyroidism. However, when you want more fat loss to come into play from Legacy Laboratories Cytomel consumption, larger doses are needed.

Drug Profile

As a hypothyroidism cure and fat loss compound, Legacy Laboratories Cytomel serves a more unique purpose than most compounds available on the market. When your T3 hormone is out of alignment and needs a jolt back into harmony, T3 is the perfect solution to make your body naturally start producing it again.


  • Correct Hypothyroidism – Many people deal with hypothyroidism on a daily basis – especially anabolic users. Legacy Laboratories Cytomel helps bring back your hormones to healthy, balanced levels. Moreover, metabolism of macronutrients is put back into check and a newfound energy skyrockets when you buy Cytomel (T3).
  • Revs Up Metabolism – Legacy Laboratories Cytomel is designed to substantially increase your metabolic rate. With a faster metabolism, your fat stores stay low – resulting in the leanest version of yourself.
  • Shed Fat Fast– Alongside maintaining low levels of fat with a fast metabolism, current fat stores are also pinpointed by this compound. You can easily lose more fat by running Legacy Laboratories Cytomel in your current stack.

Side Effects

Some of the most commonly described side effects of Legacy Laboratories Cytomel are leg cramps and chest pain. Moreover, you may experience irregular heartbeats, rapid pulse, heat sensitivity, vomiting, diarrhea, and nervousness when you buy Cytomel.

However, many of these side effects can be dealt with through proper side supplementation. Wherever there is an issue with steroids, there is a highly available solution to the adverse side effect in question.

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What You Can Expect from Legacy Laboratories Cytomel (T3)

BUILDS NATURAL T3 UP: Since T3 is actually a naturally occurring hormone in your body, it makes sense to administer it when your thyroid simply is not producing enough of it. Whatever the cause may be, hypothyroidism is nothing to dismiss. Take back your quality of life and buy Cytomel (T3) today.

ENHANCES FAT LOSS: By increasing your metabolic rate, fat loss is stimulated at a greater rate than before with Cytomel. You can feel those excess pounds melt off in a matter of weeks.

KICKS FATIGUE TO THE CURB: Known to enhance your energy, Legacy Laboratories Cytomel supercharges your entire being. Forget the days of feeling too tired or too lazy hit the weight room. You will be motivated to show up and stay even longer with a fixed thyroid.

ELIMINATE GOITER: Legacy Laboratories Cytomel is routinely used to prevent and treat enlarged thyroid gland, which is known as goiter.

ROCKSTAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: We hope you love our Legacy Laboratories Cytomel, but if you don’t, let us know right away. Here at Canadian Anabolics, our customers come first.

Buy Legacy Laboratories Cytomel (T3)

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Want to know more about CYTOMEL (T3)?

Cytomel is a common trade name for the drug liothyronine sodium which is a synthetically manufactured form of a thyroid hormone known as triiodothyronine (T3). Thyroid hormone is produced by thyroid gland in the body. Hormones produced by the thyroid gland includes thyroxine (T3) which is an inactive prohormone and triiodothyronine (T3) which is produced in relatively lower quantity but is the more active of the two. The thyroxine hormone often has to go through a conversion process to T3 to become active. These hormones of the thyroid gland are needed in the regulation of the body’s metabolic rate. They are also useful in brain development, heart and digestive functions, bone development as well as mood regulation.

Cytomel; the synthetic T3 salt is most commonly used to treat hypothyroidism and myxedema coma. It is useful in the treatment of patients with thyroid cancer and infertility due to low thyroid hormone levels. It is a very useful antidepressant; increasing and enhancing antidepressant activities when taken alongside tricyclic antidepressants especially in women with major depressive disorders. It is also useful in treating fibromyalgia; a disorder in which patients suffer from musculoskeletal pain, mood swings, memory issues, excess sleep and fatigue. Cytomel is as well useful in the treatment of goiter; a situation arising from enlarged thyroid gland.


As mentioned earlier, the thyroid hormones, one of which cytomel is a synthetic derivative is responsible for metabolic activities in the body; controlling metabolism and setting the basal metabolic rate which means that these hormones control how much fat the body burns. To sustain a basal energy metabolic rate and energy expenditure, cytomel acts primarily on metabolism of ingested carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Increased T3 level causes stimulation of fat mobilization from the adipose tissues where they are stored, thereby raising the concentration of the free fatty acid in the plasma. T3 also helps to oxidize fatty acids in body tissue as well as cholesterol metabolism.

The concentration of cholesterol in the plasma is also reduced with increased levels of T3. This is done inducing the hepatic intake of cholesterol, converting it into bile acid which is excreted from the body as feces.

Although, the drug is more often used to treat hypothyroidism, a major effect of the drug is weight loss. With the intake of cytomel, T3 levels increases and consequently, the rate of metabolism in the body as well increases.

In a research study; the effect of triiodothyronine on weight loss and nitrogen balance of obese patients on a very-low-calorie liquid-formula diet (Wilson and Lambert, 1981), T3 was administered to 11 obese patients. The patients were put on a 320kcal diet and received a 25 microgram orally administered T3 every eight hours from the 20th day. It was found that mean daily weight loss increased significantly when they were supplemented with the T3 administration. The weight loss increased from an average of 269 grams per day to an average of 395 grams per day (a total weight loss of 132 grams daily on supplementation of diet with cytomel). It was also found that this this weight loss did not cause with a Nitrogen imbalance.

In a similar study, the effect of a low calorie diet alone and in combination with triiodothyronine therapy on weight loss and hypophyseal thyroid function in obesity (Koppesachaar et al., 1983), in the treatment of obese patients, they administered a daily T3 supplementation of 150 micrograms to a group. This group with the T3 supplementation had an increase in their T3 levels accompanied with a decrease in T4 levels and they had an increased and steady weight loss compared to the groups without this supplementation. They also did not record any symptoms of hyperthyroidism or resistance to the drug. Cytomel therefore is very useful for weight reduction especially when supplemented with a diet.

Apart from its use in treatment of obesity to increase weight loss, cytomel (T3) is also known to help with muscle formation. Cytomel stimulates the growth of the skeletal muscle. It does this by increasing the number and diameter of the muscle fibers in the body.


T3 is the more active thyroid hormone in the body and usually, it may be formed in the body by the enzymatic deiodination of the thyroxine (T4) hormone. While intake of the T3 salt in form of cytomel tablets causes an increase of T3 in the body, it consequently decreases the amount of T4. As it directly increases the rate of metabolism in the body, it may also cause higher body temperature and increased heart rate. These two variables (heart rate and temperature) need to be monitored when taking cytomel in order to prevent excessive dosing. Usually, the body temperature should not be more than 37 degrees centigrade and the resting heart pulsing rate should be no more than 70-80 beats per minute. These variable may also help in deciding the ideal cytomel dosage.

Cytomel dosage typical starts low and increases over a period of time. Cytomel tablets can be found in 3 form; the 5mcg, 25 mcg and 50 mcg forms. The recommended starting dosage for hypothyroidism and depressive patients is 25mcg daily which then increases by another 25 mcg daily after 2 weeks. Cytomel dosage can be as high as 70 to 100 mcg daily. However, other patients for example pediatrics and those looking to reduce weight and gain muscles are advised to start with a lower dose, a daily dose of 5-10mcg and then increase with an additional 5-10 mcg after every one or weeks.

For men who want to get the best out of the metabolic effect of cytomel, a dosage of about 25-50 mcg daily may be recommended which may increase to about 75-100 mcg as time goes on. However, because women generally have lower weights and body masses than men, they are advised to start with lower dosages and take no more than a dosage of 50 – 70 mcg daily even as time goes on.


Just like any drug, cytomel may have side effects. Although there may eventually be no side effects or reactions, some of these effects may include menstrual changes, dizziness, sweating, nausea and skin irritation. On very rare occasions, cytomel has been reported to cause temporary hair loss albeit in children taking it for and only for the first few weeks or months. In cases of overdosing, effects such as severe headaches, light headedness, nervousness, loss of consciousness, inability to speak or move arms or legs, heat sensitivity and insomnia may occur.

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