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Purchasing Bitcoin in Canada can be confusing, we’ve found this informative video that will walk you through the steps to buy bitcoin within Canada anonymously and safely. Buy Steroids Bitcoin just got easier!

All you need to Know about To Buy Steroids Bitcoin

What is bitcoin? 

Probably you’ve come across the word bitcoin because cryptocurrencies have been hitting the headlines every day and you are wondering what bitcoin is. Well, it’s simple; bitcoin is a form of a digital currency that allows users to make transactions without the use of middle parties like banks. Bitcoin was created back in 2008 by Santoshi Nakamoto to act as a decentralized form of payment that is transparent and secure. At the moment, all over the world we have millions of people and companies that are using bitcoin as a way of making transactions. It is very clear that bitcoin is here to stay and in the near future it might end up being the mainstream medium of making transactions.

How to buy bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular every day as more people adopt it as the new method of payment. On top of using it for transactions, many people and investment institutions are buying bitcoin as an investment become for many years the value of bitcoin has been appreciating exponentially. Buying bitcoin these days is very easy and we have multiple sources where anyone can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Unlike the traditional physical currencies like the dollar, bitcoin is a digital currency and one can only own it in electronic form. There is no physical trace of the bitcoins like the currencies we normally use. All we have is transactions between different people and the balance decreases or increases based on the type of transaction that has been executed.

How Easy and Secure Is It To Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin based transactions are very secure because everything takes place in the blockchain network without a need for any middle party. However, with rising rates of cyber insecurity we have had cases where cyber criminals manage to break into digital wallets and they end up stealing bitcoins. This can be easily avoided by taking measures to protect yourself from any form of cyber attack. You can back up your bitcoin wallets on a regular basis and ensure that all the bitcoin wallets in your Smartphone are encrypted with strong passwords. For additional security, bitcoins can be stored offline in wallets that are fully disconnected from any network. You can think this as a bank account while you keep a few bitcoins in your Smartphone wallet for day to day use.

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What system does bitcoin work on? 

 Bitcoin is based on the blockchain platform that acts like a vast ledger where all transactions are included in the ledger in form of ‘blocks’.  Each bitcoin transaction is enters into the system in form of a block and as every new block enters the system, it is broadcasted to the peer-to-peer network of computers for user validation. This ensures that there are no stealing or double transactions where a user unintentionally spends twice. Unlike the fiat money that is issued by the central banks, bitcoin has not such a central authority and instead we have a peer-to-peer network. New bitcoins are mined as computers linked in this network execute some complex number-crunching tasks in a procedure called bitcoin mining. This mining is limited to only 21 million bitcoins and once this number is hit, no new bitcoins will be created. Therefore, there will be no way in which bitcoin can be devalued the way central banks devalue currencies. In the long run, this will ensure that the value of bitcoins remains relatively stable.

Where can I buy bitcoin in Canada?

With the modern day technology, anyone can buy bitcoin from any place in the world. In Canada, you can easily buy bitcoin in various cryptocurrency exchanges where you can exchange your regular cash for bitcoins. Coinsquare and Coinbase are some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada and the United States. We also have some bitcoin ATMs where you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash. Whether you need bitcoins for regular transactions or as a form of investment, getting bitcoins is very easy. The value of bitcoin is expected to skyrocket in the near future and this might be the perfect time for you to buy some bitcoins.

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At Canadian Anabolics, it’s super easy to buy steroids using bitcoin. Follow the simple guide above and take advantage of this extremely private and safe form of payment transfer. If you need more information on sending bitcoin send us a message on our contact us page