Canadian Juice Monsters | Canadian Anabolics Canadian Juice Monsters (CJM as it’s known for short) is the best forum site in Canada for information, consumer reviews, and advice as it relates to steroids in Canada. If you are new to the game or an old vet, you’ll find great information on Canadian Juice Monsters as you are getting real world information uploaded to the site daily from people that are living and breathing the world of steroid usage and the sport of bodybuilding as a whole. This is just the starting point when it comes to Canadian Juice Monsters, you’ll find a niche for everything and you’ll be able to connect with like-minded people from across Canada that speak your language.  Canadian Based Forum Site When it comes to forum sites in Canada the very best is Canadian Juice Monsters. This site has been around for over 15 years and they have the most active users. Some users are new, old, and dinosaurs of the game so you are sure to get a good mix of everyone. You’ll be able to get a wide range of discussions on the form that will educate you and allow you to network with others that are trying to accomplish the same thing that you are currently doing. They love to train hard, eat well, take steroids, and get huge!  Get your steroid Questions Answered One of the great things about Canadian Juice Monsters is that you can post a question and have other users with experience reply back to you answering your questions specifically. It’s highly recommended that you do a search on the site prior to asking a question as you will see that your question might already be answered by someone else. This will allow you to get the answer quicker! If not, you can always post in the appropriate section your question to have people reply back. Be prepared for all types of responses to your question. If you are putting it out there, make sure that you are willing to accept whatever information comes back to you with an open mind.  Real consumer reviews/feedback on Canadian Juice Monsters Another awesome feature of Canadian Juice Monsters is the forum section in which real world consumers write reviews about the labs they are using. People are always posting about the different products from the labs they are using and updating everyone on the progress and quality they are getting. This is valuable feedback because it’s coming from real people using the product which allows you to get the latest information. Labs can also change overtime and what starts out good can turn bad and what starts out bad can turn good, so if you are checking the Canadian Juice Monsters site on a regular basis you will see the latest news and reports on the current products being sold by particular labs in Canada. We strongly recommend that before you buy any steroids lab in Canada’s products that you check out the reviews on Canadian Juice Monsters.  Accountability in the steroid world In a world that is filled with people both good and bad, how can we keep online labs accountable for the products that they produce and sell online? The best way is once again the real world customer reviews that you will find on Canadian Juice Monsters. You will find reviews on all the products that we carry including Syn Pharma Reviews and Legacy Laboratories Reviews. The sport of bodybuilding If you are reading this page it’s most likely because you are a fan of bodybuilding in Canada. The sport is a very niche sport that can be difficult to get information on at times and we all want to stay up to the minute on everything that is going on. We like many of the mods and vets on Canadian Juice Monsters as they are always on top of the game to bring you news and information as it breaks in the world of bodybuilding around the world. They are some of the most well connected individuals in bodybuilding and will have you up to date on everything. Why Canadian Juice Monsters is the best Canadian Juice Monsters is the OG in the forum site game, they’ve done it all, they’ve been around for over 15 years, and they have the largest membership base that you’ll find for forum sites in Canada. The content on the site is the best and they are so passionate about steroid talk and bodybuilding.  How to properly be part of the Canadian Juice Monster Community Once you sign up you’ll be prompted to read the rules and regulations of the website. Take a couple of moments to review these so that you don’t get banned from the site or have a vet get on your ass for not understanding the rules. They are all straightforward and if you are asking genuine questions, bringing value to the conversation, and being a part of the scene you’ll be fine. Keep in mind that you are allowed to post images and comments about the products that you are using, however it’s not an open source forum so you cannot put your sourcing on the site. Meaning that you cannot say where you got the product from. This is the biggest rule that you will get banned for if you start doing this. Syn Pharma Reviews Are you looking for reviews on Syn Pharma? The best place to get them is on Candian Juice Monsters and you can read tons of reviews from real customers that have used the products first hand.  Legacy Laboratories Reviews Legacy Laboratories reviews can be found on Canadian Juice Monsters. This is your best place to find reviews from real users that have ordered and tried the products.  Canadian Anabolics & Canadian Juice Monsters As you can see, at Canadian Anabolics we are strong supporters of Canadian Juice Monsters and what they are doing to better the steroid scene in Canada. We love the work that they are doing and will always stand behind their site as they keep the online steroid market in Canada accountable.