As of today, Canada Post is no longer guaranteeing delivery of items.
If an item is showing “Delivered” on the Canada Post website we will accept this as a confirmed delivery. It is your responsibility to grab the package as soon as possible. All orders get sent tracking numbers so please watch your tracking for the progress on your package.
Any items that are unable to be delivered and get returned to sender are at the sole responsibility of the customer. We will not re-ship until the package is returned and a fee of $25 will apply. 
Canada Post is still experiencing delays at certain distribution centres. Please allow extra time for delivery of your package. We cannot control the delivery times of Canada Post. We have seen the rare instance of packages taking 2-3 weeks to be delivered by Canada Post. 

Signature items

As the situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly evolves, we want to assure you that all of us at Canada Post are doing everything we can to keep our employees, customers and the communities we serve safe.

Following the direction of the Public Health Agency of Canada, we continue to introduce new safety measures to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Until further notice, these safety measures will now include a change to how we deliver the door-to-door items that normally require a signature.

    • To help minimize points of close contact in our communities, we will no longer be requesting signatures for any deliveries to the door. This will eliminate the need for scanners and stylus pens to be passed back and forth during the delivery process of these items.
    • Instead, where possible, our delivery agents will apply our safe drop process. This means they will leave these items in your mailbox or outside your door if it’s safe to do so. Where it’s not possible to safe drop, our delivery agent will leave a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity.
    • To receive the following items only: Registered, Xpresspost Certified, Proof of Identity, Proof of Age, COD (collect on delivery) and items where custom fees are due, please know that we cannot release these items unless a signature is provided. You will receive a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity and signing. If you are sick or under self-isolation, please arrange for someone to pick up these items in your place.

Canada Post will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19, and to actively follow the guidance and safety recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

We will let you know about any changes we make to our processes that will help increase the collective safety of our communities. If you have general concerns about the safety of the mail, we would like to assure you that the World Health Organization continues to state that mail and packages are safe to handle, including those from incoming countries.

During this difficult period, as we continue to connect and to proudly serve you, please know that your safety and the safety of our employees remains our top priority.

Thank you for your continued business.
Canadian Anabolics