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All you need to know about anti-estrogen steroids:


Men might suffer from a reduction in testosterone levels as the age increase which is natural. Sometimes the hormone levels get disturbed as the body fails to produce important hormones and testosterone levels start to decrease due to this hormonal imbalance. In scientific terms, the process is termed as hypogonadism and major symptoms include, lowered sperm count level, fatigue and stress, and inability to have intercourse for a long time. These hormonal imbalances might disturb the estrogen levels in men disturbing the masculinity resulting in infertility and weight gain. Estrogen hormones are always linked with females, but they are present in men as well to maintain the natural balance of the body. Estrogen plays a key role in keeping the brain healthy and bones strong. Estrogen at the normal level helps in maintaining the sperm level and development of healthy sperms. Disturbed estrogen hormones can lead to a reduction of testosterone level and other body-related issues as well like:

  • Heart issues
  • Development of breast tissues similar to female breast tissues.
  • Increased weight leading to high risk of stroke and infertility.
  • Prostate issues

To counter the issues occurring from estrogen hormones, anti-estrogen steroids are available in the market. The steroids help in replenishing the lost hormones and keep the natural balance of the body.

Anti-estrogen Steroids

Estrogen, on one hand, can help in curing joint pain and keeping the mind healthy but too much of estrogen can lead to low sex drive and ultimately infertility. Anti-estrogen steroids provide the natural replacement to counter the excess estrogen and keeping estrogen in check. Anti-estrogen steroids gained popularity among female but due to increased hormonal imbalance, men are also going for anti-estrogen steroids. Anti-estrogen steroids support the natural increase in testosterone levels. Anti-estrogen steroids help the men facing infertility and allow them to have normal sex life leading to healthy sperm count.  Excess of estrogen aid the cancer cells as well and the women suffering from breast cancer suffer first hand by estrogen. Anti-estrogen steroids stop the aid of estrogen to the cancer cells and help the patients to recover from the deadly disease. 

Tamoxifen vs Arimidex in treating breast cancer:

These two famous steroids are widely used to treat the patients having high estrogen hormones. There is a debate in the medical field regarding which synthetic drug is more effective and efficient to treat disturbed estrogen hormones. To answer the critical question of choosing between Tamoxifen versus Arimidex, doctors carried out a survey in which patients suffering from breast cancer are treated with both steroids over five years. The majority of the females were going through the postmenopausal stage. The doctors observed that patients taking Arimidex shown impressive signs of recovery as compared to the Tamoxifen treated patients. The result was deduced after studying patients for more than three years so both the steroids can do their magic. Over the extended time, Arimidex had shown superior results over Tamoxifen. 

Both of the anti-estrogen steroids work by counter the estrogen effect that helps the cancer cells to grow and damage the body organs. Arimidex restricts the body to produce more estrogen hormones than required which is common in the postmenopausal stage. The drug controls the production of estrogen in adrenal glands and stops the supply of excess estrogen. Adrenal glands are the main source of estrogen for women in the menopausal stage so Arimidex works best for them. However, Arimidex does not work for your women as their estrogen is replenished by ovaries and not the adrenal glands. 

Tamoxifen is also known as selective estrogen receptor modulators or SERMs. Tamoxifen can be used by all women as it works by blocking estrogen from binding with receptors in breasts. As the majority of the patients were women at the postmenopausal stage, so patients treated with Arimidex had more chances of fighting cancer and leading to normal life. As the death rate of breast cancer is not threatening, the survival rate of both anti-estrogen steroids cannot be predicted. However, both the steroids are effective in their way depending on the condition and financial state of the patient as Arimidex is a little expensive than Tamoxifen but Arimidex is not effective for women in the premenopausal stage. 

Restoring Balance:

Along with anti-estrogen steroids, you can also adopt different techniques to keep your estrogen levels in check. Estrogen blockers work perfectly if you are suffering from low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy through estrogen blockers can help in curing infertility and have a better life. You can be cautious in taking natural estrogen that can increase the number of estrogen hormones in the body. This condition can be avoided by avoiding the meat of animals that are given synthetic hormones to grow quickly. Try to avoid the products which can result in producing estrogen in your body. To restore the balance of hormones you can also do:

Weight loss:

Excessive estrogen might lead to an increase in weight. Obesity can lead to different diseases like heart problems, fatigue, and infertility so losing weight is a suitable option along with anti-estrogen steroids to avoid any serious medical condition. You can cut all the fatty diets that result in disturbing estrogen levels causing excessive body fat. 


Drugs and alcohols can mess up the liver and kidney functionality and both organs lose their ability to maintain safe levels of estrogen in the body. By cutting alcohol, you can give your body a fair chance to maintain estrogen levels naturally. Choosing organic and green vegetables like Brussels and kale can replenish the compounds that help in maintaining the safe estrogen levels in the body. 

Although we have anti-estrogen steroids at our disposal to fight dangerous estrogen levels but choosing a healthy lifestyle can also help in leading a strong life. Before taking any steroids, you must consult with your doctor as disturbing hormones or blocking estrogen beyond a safe limit can also cause problems for the body. You restoring the balance should be your priority. 

All you need to know about oral steroids: Introduction: Corticosteroids commonly known as steroids are hormones generated by the human body to carry out different functions. Steroids are naturally occurring chemicals fighting inflammation, halt the DNA from being made, and fight against chemicals causing allergic reactions (blocking Histamine chemical). Synthetic steroids are also available in the market used to treat deficiency of natural steroids resulting in fighting different diseases. The artificial steroids are similar in functionality just like natural steroids reducing inflammation and fighting different diseases including arthritis. Steroids are available in a different form and each form has its purpose and method in the intake. Our focus in this article is to discuss oral steroids or tablet steroids and how they are beneficial for the health of people. In oral steroids, there are many types of steroids artificially produced and these steroids intend to replace the steroids that our body is not able to produce naturally. The most common and widely used oral steroid is fludrocortisone. These steroids are meant to replace the steroids that our adrenal glands fail to produce. People also use fludrocortisone whose adrenal glands are removed because of surgery. How do oral steroids work? Natural steroids keep the immune system and inflammation in check and whenever any foreign bacteria or virus attacks the body, white blood cells get active and fight the foreign organisms to protect the body. This is the scenario when natural steroids are enough and the immune system is working properly. However, in some cases, the immune system becomes hyperactive and cause inflammation without being threatened by any virus or bacteria. Inflammation starts to affect the body tissue and body cells start to swell causing pain and redness in the affected area. When natural steroids fail to control inflammation and keep the immune system in check, synthetic steroids play their role in reducing the inflammation effect and protecting the body tissues. Steroids pull back the defensive system of the body to act normally and increase the efficiency of the white blood cells to fight diseases. In rare cases when inflammation starts to affect the tissue adversely, steroids play their role in saving the organ and ultimately saving the patient from a miserable life. For example, people suffering from kidney inflammation are at the risk to lose the kidney or go to the last option of kidney dialysis. Steroids pull back the inflammation to stop affecting the kidney and eliminate the chances of a kidney transplant and even dialysis. The dose of oral steroids can be adjusted and used to treat patients suffering from arthritis. Patients often complain about stiffness and chronic pain in joints during arthritis and one major reason for the pain is inflammation. When steroids fight the inflammation, the patient starts to feel pain lifted and stiffness lessened. The dosage can be adjusted to treat a patient and help him or her recovers from a severe case of arthritis. How to safely administer oral steroids: The human body is very delicate when we talk about hormones. Even slightest changes in hormones cause the body to act weirdly and disturb the natural balance of the body. Looking at the potential benefits of steroids, people may want to intake steroids without consulting any doctor or physician which is completely wrong. You don’t know what type of steroids your body is unable to produce so always use steroids by consulting the doctors. You can follow a few tips to safely use steroids. When consulting the doctor, make sure you are not hiding any medical condition or previous medical history. The information is crucial to prescribe the type of steroids and prevent any side effects that can occur due to other medicines that you are taking. Always take the dose on time prescribed by the doctor. Do not take more or fewer steroids as your body might not adjust to sudden change. Steroids are recommended to be digested with food or milk so you can protect your stomach from unnecessary irritation. Cut down the use of alcohol or any other drug as they can react with steroids and may damage your internal organs. Always listen to the advice of your physician and complete the course according to the instructions for maximum results. Dosage of oral steroids: The dosage of steroids is not fixed but it varies from individual to individual depending upon the severity of the disease. To cure the diseases that require a short course, strong doses are recommended to eliminate the adverse effect and improve health. You can leave the steroids abruptly in case of short courses. However, if the course is stretched to more than three weeks, then you had to gradually decrease the dose before completely stopping the intake of steroids. Doctors prescribe the steroids after studying the disease and choose to dose to effectively eliminate the symptoms. Some diseases were cured completely by strong doses but some require the use of steroids for a longer time and patients might have to intake steroids for a lifetime. For such patients, if steroids are stopped, the symptoms start to appear again and the patient had to suffer again from the same disease that he or she fought with for years. How do doctors decide when to administer steroids? Doctors prescribe steroids after studying each patient individually. Doctors go through your complete medical background, age, previous health conditions, and dire need to prescribe steroids. The doctor will explain how your body is lacking a certain chemical that can be replaced with steroids and how you have to take the course seriously. Short courses of steroids do not have any side effects and are effective to cure the disease. You need to understand the severity of the disease that is treated and how other alternatives are not beneficial for the disease. You need to listen to the advice of your doctor to get all the benefits of oral steroids.