Bulking Up For Skinny Guys: The Ultimate Guide

Bulking up for skinny guys

Skinny guys can have it tough when they start trying to bulk up. Besides, bulking up is not getting fat. So, simply eating whatever you like or loading up on junk fats can lead to nothing significant. Contrary to this, you would have to have strict control over your diet, schedule physical activities, and of course, some supplementary ally by your side to go through this transformation.

Bulking up requires you to put on weight that is then healthily converted to muscles. The final goal is to gain mass and look assertive and ripped. Even within the fitness industry, everybody has different opinions about what could get you to bulk up. While many of these popular ideas might be feasible, here we present a consolidated guide for bulking up specially curated for naturally skinny guys.

Learning To Bulk Up The Right Way

If you listen to modern fitness guides, you will often come across suggestions for going through a bulking phase that requires you to put on weight. The problem here is you might become heavier with fat, but only with very little muscles. Even bodybuilders suggest that large portions of meals during the bulking phase are the only way to go about racking up those muscles. But, unfortunately, neither of these can apply thoroughly when you have a naturally skinny figure.

The theory behind these bulking phases is spot on. But the kind of results expected requires more patience and effort from skinny guys than in other cases. Also, with the right type of effort, it is possible to bulk up without really adding up on fats, which could be healthy. In that case, using some powerful aides such as high-quality injectable steroids can come in quite handy.

By Introducing Bulking Aids

Anabolics are directly responsible for all supra-physiological hypertrophy (muscle growth by expansion of muscle cells) during the recovery phase after training with proper nutrition. When one is sure about the body’s anabolic environment, it becomes the first step in building a superhuman physique.

You might wonder why low testosterone guys are not able to pack on muscle. It is mainly because they lack support from their body hormones to create the perfect anabolic environment.

So a little aid from some effective compounds such as injectable SARMS Canada and Dianabol or anabolic steroids, in general, can go a long way to support your nutrition and workouts to put on muscles and create an excellent anabolic environment. Here we will understand the importance and the ways to use these magnificent compounds for the best results.

The Dynamics Of Anabolic Steroids For Muscle Building

Anabolic or Androgenic Steroids such as Dianabol are common workout supplements that enhance performance and support bulking up. They are predominantly available as oral or injectable steroids Canada and a few other regions.

How Does It Work?

Anabolic steroids refer to synthetic variations of testosterone or the male sex hormone. They promote strength and enhance muscle hypertrophy. Appropriate usage can enable you to gain healthy lean muscle mass while keeping the fat levels low, which is quite favorable. The compounds help the body to go through faster recovery after workouts to catalyze muscle building. The hormones also induce better sleep and improved mood that further support performance.

The trick to relishing the benefits of anabolic steroids lies in utilizing them properly, such that the negatives are in check. See, the term anabolic here indicates bulking up of the muscle, whereas androgenic refers to enhancing male sex characteristics. Anabolic steroids aim to primarily induce synthetic hormones that enhance protein synthesis, support muscle growth, increase bone density, and improve red blood cell count, very much like the functions of the natural hormone testosterone.

But the common side effects of these compounds include mood fluctuations, acne, increase in body hair, low sperm count, and increased aromatase that leads to an increase in estrogen levels, which are, in fact, androgenic properties. The exemplary quality, proper steroid cycle, and choosing the best steroids can help keep the androgenic properties within limits while supporting the anabolic properties to express more dominantly.

There are three prominent families of androgenic or anabolic steroids.

  • Testosterone
  • 19-nor-Testosterone
  • DihydroTestosterone

Each of them exhibits variations in compositions that best intend to achieve the desired results while keeping the side effects in check.  For example, 19-nor testosterone derived exhibits a more favorable androgenic to anabolic ratio compared to testosterone derived. But dihydrotestosterone expressed an even better balance with an additional advantage of not converting to estrogen that keeps the undesired characteristics in check.

The Curious Case Of Bulking With SARMS

Another category of bulking aids that shows powerful benefits is SARMS. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs have similar benefits to introducing steroids but with reduced androgenic properties. These androgenic modulators enable people to gain lean mass, especially with fewer side effects.

SARMS exhibits high binding affinity at the androgen receptor. This interaction induces a precise process that leads to more increased endurance and lower wastage of muscles. It enables the body to direct the energy to build into tissues to bulk up but with lean muscle mass. The fun fact here is, SARMS keeps the fat away. So, you will look bulkier, stronger, and more sculpted with the newly gained muscles but without any unnecessary fat deposits around the body. But how is that possible?

Before exploring SARMS further, let us clear one very wrong idea about it. See, SARMS is not just another anabolic substance with zero androgenic properties. Truthfully, the androgenic properties of SARMS are not even that negative. The significant difference here is that SARMS acts in a very targeted way through a very selective mechanism of action. They express binding characteristics only with specific tissues like muscle and bone, but not for other tissues like the prostate, liver, and brain. That way, you add mass in just the right places and in the right way, which makes this an excellent choice compared with general steroids.

Additionally, they also leave the DHT and do not convert it to estrogen, which will help keep common unwanted side effects of steroid use like gynecomastia or man boobs, water retention, and hair loss in check.

Combining SARMS

Another advantage of SARMS is its ability to work together. See, athletes and bodybuilders often use a combination of SARMS to build muscles and get closer to their goals quickly. But for skinny guys, it is best to wait out and be patient to get the results from one instead of chugging SARM cocktails every day. Maybe after a short use time, you can consider combining with other supplements to build the packs.

Say Yes To Good Nutrition

Nutrition plays an enormous role in your results. The quantity also has an intense effect on overall muscle growth. So, if you are trying to pack on as much muscle as possible, but you aren’t eating enough, or it is just not of good quality, you will probably end up with messy body composition. On the other hand, if your diet is spot on with the perfect balance of nutrients to repair, recover, and grow, these bulking aids can give a big leap forward.

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So, when we say eat well, does it just mean load up on proteins? In addition, the nutrition trick to bulk up for skinny guys requires you to catch up on some calories as much as you dose on proteins. If you try to build muscles with a low-calorie diet, you will have practically no energy to catch up on the much-needed workouts. Including calories will help you lose the fat and bulk up on muscles.

A simple rule to follow would be to add a little bit more calories than your body can shed. But that said, don’t pull up your chips and soda to stack up on calories. Look for healthy ways to introduce them and also be very, very careful not to overdo it.

Don’t Forget To Train.

So, if you are all fluff and have no substance, there is no way to bulk up. Steroids, SARMS, and a healthy diet can prepare your body to transform. But unless you get off your couch and train intensely, none of the transformations is possible.

If your exercise regimen is poor or very basic for a long time with barely any real effort or strain on the body, you are better off how you are because no amount of steroids will benefit you there. For example, let us take two subjects exposed to the same diet, genetic response to steroids, and are on the same cycle. The one who trains hard multiple times a week precisely with perfect form and posture will be the one to gain muscle and achieve good body composition.

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Apart from instructing your body to process the energy properly, anabolics also motivate the body with higher endurance to train more. As a result, working out intensely is the way to get good results. The rule is train heavy, recover heavy, and train heavier.

The debate between the importance of reps, frequency, and volume of training is endless. While they are pretty relevant, the guide for skinny guys to bulk up has one significant factor to keep in mind. That is, stimulating the muscles. The first thing to do here is to increase tension in your muscles gradually. Also known as progressive loading, a simple way to induce this would be to increase weights within the same reps.

Next, expose your muscle fiber to go through appropriate damage to recover stronger and better. Here, good nutrition comes to play as it can help the muscles cope with the intense effects of the training to repair and grow. Stack up on weights as you progress and keep the volume between moderate to low. You will slowly witness more strength and better posture even while handling heavy lifts.

But be careful with the frequency. More complex training helps build muscles. However, don’t adhere to it so often that your body simply gives up. Also, put as much effort into recovery as the training itself for the best results.

Striking The Balance

One thing we forgot to mention here is, it would be fantastic if you had super genetics. Besides, proper, powerful genetics combined with all these factors like nutrition, training, and anabolic can result in a perfect body. But that said, the only thing skinny guys need to know during their bulking time is to be patient. Genetics is a huge factor, but such results are not achievable without it. It will just take you more time and effort to get there. Also, getting the composition of the three elements nutrition, steroids or SARMS, and training is very important.

Take an example of a bodybuilder. See, the person would never straight away take anabolic to put on muscles. Instead, they would first train naturally to an extent till they hit a plateau. Anabolic, at this point, would help them to break the plateau and add muscles. Similarly, striking a healthy balance between these elements with professional guidance can help you bulk up healthily and effectively.

Also, anabolic and SARMS are, after all, synthetic.  So, they can never be a permanent solution to staying muscular and well-built. Your body has to get back to its normal state through what is called post-cycle therapy.  The process comes into play after a steroid cycle when one should use PCT to get back to normal physic levels. Typically, anabolic users will wait two weeks after their last injection to start their PCT.  In the case of SARMS, they have a half-life (time in the bloodstream) of 24 hours or less. So PCT can start even the day after your last dose.


The path to bulking up can be an arduous journey for skinny guys. The general fitness tips may not turn out to be as relevant to get the right results. Use this guide that specifically caters to your needs to add muscles to the body. Remember, the magic lies in finding the balance between good nutrition, the perfect dose of bulking aids, and intense training. Also, be careful to choose the right brands and dealers for your steroids and SARMS for the best benefits. Take advice from a professional to ensure you are on the right path to getting in jaw-dropping shape.









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