Can Cardarine Be an Effective SARM For Fat Loss and Endurance?

can cardarine be an effective sarm for fat loss and endurance?
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The bodybuilding world is full of promises, hacks, tricks, and gimmicks because working out is not easy for everyone, and if one thing is true about the human race, most people would prefer a shortcut. However, in most endeavors, especially in fitness or bodybuilding, nothing can replace old-fashioned hard work.

When you think of hard work in terms of fitness, endurance, fat loss, and bodybuilding, the first thing that comes to mind might be stepping into the gym daily. However, other factors are equally vital such as eating healthy, proper recovery time, and of course, taking the right supplements.

As the pros know, the bodybuilding space is a landscape dominated by several wonder supplements. One of the most well-known members of this group is Cardarine. In the subsequent sections, let’s explore whether it can serve as an effective SARM for fat loss and endurance.

What is Cardarine?

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Cardarine, also called GW50156, is a compound commonly known as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). However, in reality, it isn’t. It may surprise many that Cardarine isn’t a SARM even though it is typically marketed as such. Instead, this compound is a Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor (PPAR) agonist.

Ligand Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline developed Cardarine in the 90s. This company is also the name behind the formulation of the LGD 4033. When it was first released, this drug was meant as an alternative for both cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. Today, it’s used by some in the bodybuilding and fitness community for different reasons. Usually, this means buying from a trusted supplier like Cardarine Canada or any other reputable vendor.

Studies on these compounds revealed that they could help in improving physical capacity and performance. Also, clinical research indicated that Cardarine could enable increased endurance and boost general cardiovascular health. It also provides a fleet of other benefits, which are covered in detail in the sections below.

But since more people in athletic and other competitive sports began using Cardarine, the World Anti-Doping Agency classified PRAR receptor agonists as a banned substance.

How Cardarine Works

As already stated, GW50156 is a PPAR receptor agonist, which is another way of saying it joins with the PPAR receptor to induce certain biological responses. The primary mechanisms that result from Cardarine’s interactions with the PPARδ receptor include the following:

  • It enables increased muscular oxidative capacity, which helps the user undergo easier fat loss and a substantial increase in endurance levels.
  • It’s reported that GW50156 also supports better insulin sensitivity, which could help in treating diabetes patients.
  • It facilitates the switch in energy sources from the usual glucose to fat. Hence, it aids the inhibition of glucose metabolism.
  • The suppression of glucose metabolism simply means the body depletes fat reserves to release energy instead of using glucose.

This is one of the primary reasons Cardarine for sale can be instrumental in fat loss, whether online or offline. That’s because, with this unique metabolic change, Cardarine has enabled many users to shed excess fat more efficiently and faster.

Continue reading to learn the details.

Fat Burning with Cardarine

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If there’s anything Cardarine can do, it is fat burning. This is the number one reason many people add it to their body recomposition or cutting stack, although in low doses. Per a recent clinical trial involving 13 obese men having significantly high body fat percentages. The participants also had an unhealthy lipid profile and large amounts of belly fat. But with only 2.5mg of GW50156 per day, each subject in the clinical trial successfully lowered levels of fatty acids, triglycerides, and LDL.

Furthermore, countless anecdotal reports support the use of this compound to promote fat loss, particularly fat located in the midsection, which is regarded as the most stubborn fat to eliminate. As such, it can be quite helpful when your fat loss process reaches a plateau. For instance, when you’re left with an excess of 10 Lbs to lose. In this case, even low doses of Cardarine can help target and eliminate the last bits of excess fat.

Other Benefits of Cardarine for Fitness and Bodybuilding

Although it is best known for accelerating fat loss and promoting endurance, Cardarine can also provide many other benefits listed here.

Preserves Muscle Mass

One of the risks associated with staying in a caloric deficit is the possibility of losing muscle mass. Fortunately, Cardarine may help prevent this, especially when you’re cutting. After the activation of the PPAR delta, it doesn’t only affect fat. It also invigorates the muscle fibers. It’s even possible to get muscle mass when you combine it with SARMS like RAD140 or LGD.

Prevents Hormonal Interference

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Unlike some other performance-enhancing compounds, GW50156 doesn’t disturb the natural hormone production of the body. Therefore, you won’t need Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Even better, it produces no known estrogen-related side effects, which come as an upper hand over other performance enhancers.

Helps Avoid Plaque Formation in Arteries

The use of Cardarine increases nitric oxide levels in the arteries, which helps fight oxidative damage. Even low doses were proven helpful with inflammation control and tissue breakdown in the arteries of mice. For performance enhancement doses commonly used among bodybuilders, it’s thought to help prevent the hardening of arteries.

The Recommended Dosage

You don’t have to use high doses of GW50156 to notice results since doses as low as 10 to 20 mg each day can prove effective. For those who lack experience using Cardarine, it’s advisable to begin its use at low doses. Assuming you use 10 mg per day, the performance boost you experience can be pretty substantial. Therefore, it’s not advisable to exceed 20 mg per day. Finally, a typical cycle can be between 8 to 12 weeks.


Cardarine, otherwise known as GW501516, is an excellent option for anyone that wishes to boost their endurance in a short duration of time. Apart from this primary use, it’s also useful in situations where you’re losing weight and dieting. With the help of Cardarine, each session of cardio workout will seem easier. Similar to other SARM, there’s the need to further research to fully understand the scope of its benefits and effects, both short-term and long-term. This article portrays an honest representation of the facts regarding the use of Cardarine for fat loss and endurance. As such, you should conduct your research if you decide to use any SARM.


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