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Helixx Labs is fresh on the scene producing top quality SAMRS and here at Canadian Anaboics we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the best products within the marketplace. With 15 years in the industry, the owners of Helixx Labs will stop at nothing to bring the best quality products to the market. You demand the best and will get the best mk-677, osterine, Rad-140, Cardarine, Andarine (s4), Stenabolic, LGD.

Helixx Labs MK-677 (HGH X)

HGH X is a powerhouse: builds muscle, stops muscle wasting, increase bone density, improved sleep, helps with longevity, nootrophic effect, and cures hangovers.

Helixx Labs Osterine (OSTA X)

Osta X will help you increase muscle, stop muscle wasting, prevent muscle breakdown, and increase recovery. Fore more information on osterine please check out our blog Osterine – A Novel Sarm

Helixx Labs RAD-140 (RAD X)

RAD X will deliver strength gains, insane veins, and help you with a quality bulk. For more information on RAD-140 please check out our blog RAD-140 – A Radical and Safe Substitute for testosterone 

Helixx Labs Cardarine (CARD X)

Card X is a great product for increased endurance and mood enhancement

Helixx Labs Andarine (S4 X)

S4 X is a triple threat that is designed to increase muscle mass, increase bone strength, and aid in fat loss

Helixx Labs Stenabolic (STEN X)

Sten X has been designed to increase endurance and help promote fat loss

Helixx Labs LGD (LGD X)

LGD X has been designed to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat

Canadian Anabolics & Helixx Labs

As you can see, at Canadian Anabolics we are strong supporters of Helixx Labs and what they bring to the SARMS community in Canada. We love the work that they are doing and will always stand behind the products that they are making because they do things the right way.

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