Ultimate Ostarine Guide

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Ultimate Ostarine Guide

Ostarine – The SARM you should be taking NOW!

With selective androgen receptor molecules (SARMs) gaining traction in the health, bodybuilding, and fitness world, a few come out as particularly effective. Suggesting strong osteo and muscular benefits without many negative consequences, it seems to be a pretty interesting supplement. Check out what we have to say about Ostarine in our comprehensive guide here!

Ultimate Ostarine Guide


  • Ostarine lacks a large amount of negative side effects associated with other supplements.
  • The main benefits of Ostarine include growth of lean mass, strength, and many healing properties.
  • Ostarine is effective for weight loss without muscle mass being catabolized.



  • Ostarine at high doses may cause testosterone suppression.
  • Users may experience slight nausea or lethargy.
  • SARMs including Ostarine are prohibited by WADA, and USADA.


What is Ostarine used for?

Ostarine also goes by a few other names; Enobosarm, MK-2866, GTx-024 and S-22. Initially entering its first trials in 2007, studies were temporarily halted in 2013. Since 2016, Phase II clinical trials have been started again to test its efficacy in treating a variety of afflictions.

Ostarine was initially developed as a treatment for muscle wasting disease, or muscular atrophy. Gaining attention for its potential to treat obesity while increasing muscle mass, there’s no doubt of the clinical applications Ostarine has.

Now, Ostarine also sees its way into health, fitness, and competitive sports thanks to its anabolic potential without the adverse effects of testosterone or anabolic steroids. With studies still being conducted on Ostarine, it’s hard to say what else it may be used for in the future.


What are the benefits of Ostarine?

Multiple controlled studies and trials have confirmed many of the benefits of Ostarine. One of the more popular SARMs currently around, the list of benefits from Ostarine is quite extensive – and for good reason.



  • Strength increase


Patients administered 3mg/day of Ostarine showed a 15% increase of power compared to placebo groups. This also translates to endurance and cardio related activities.



  • Lean muscle mass increase


People at moderate doses report gains of lean muscle mass at around 1lb/week. Controlled studies showed an average of 2.7lbs of lean mass added over 16 weeks on 3mg/day Ostarine.


  • Prevention of muscular catabolism in a caloric deficit. Muscle retention is prioritized and fats are consumed more as a result. Trials at 3mg/day showed 1.3lbs of fat mass to be lost over a 16 week period.



  • Improved bone strength


Alongside lean muscle mass, Ostarine has been shown to help the structure and strength of bones due to its affinity for the androgen receptor.



  • Healing of damaged tissue.


Cell proliferation of damaged tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissue has been shown to increase, aiding the recovery of injuries and other ailments.



  • Insulin resistance improvement


Insulin and glucose levels dropped and insulin resistance improved among healthy patients tested. This shows much potential for Ostarine being used on diabetic subjects who suffer from obesity and low muscle mass.

Ultimate Ostarine Guide

What are the side effects of Ostarine?


No drug is without its side effects, though Ostarine has demonstrated impressively low side effects in a number of clinical trials and anecdotal reports.

Frequent side effects seen with anabolic steroids like gynecomastia, severe hormonal and psychological changes, fat and water retention and others are not exhibited with Ostarine.


An important question that comes up often – can Ostarine cause cancer? One study done in 2014 administered various doses and placebo to a group of cancer-bearing patients. The results of the 113 day trial demonstrated that Ostarine does not have any adverse effects on malignant, cancerous cells.

Ostarine, like other SARMs, may cause testosterone suppression with continual use of high doses. This is typically seen as a non-issue for moderate-low doses over short (6 week) periods of time.

The side effects of testosterone suppression are wide and include: Low energy, low motivation, , negative mood changes, fatigue and more.

Thankfully, Ostarine has low effects on natural testosterone levels in relation to a large array of prohormones and steroids.

This all sounds almost too good to be true, though we do need to keep in mind that it’s still a relatively new compound and some adverse reactions might not have been recorded yet. Ensure you’re not competing in any body that prohibits the use of SARMs, as effective detection methods have been discovered and being found using Ostarine can result in hefty penalties.


How much Ostarine do I take?

The dose you’ll need to take depends on a variety of factors. Consider your own training experience, weight, hormone levels, and more before choosing a dose of Ostarine. It is not federally approved anywhere in the world and playing it safe is always a good idea.

Results to patients administered 3mg daily were noticed, however many people experiment with higher doses. 10-30mg is the frequently advised range, with testosterone suppression supposedly occurring beyond 20mg.

At doses above 20mg, many people haven’t recorded any notable side effects at all. A good idea however is to start low and monitor your natural hormone levels through a doctor. Always better safe than sorry!

Ultimate Ostarine Guide

Where do I buy Ostarine?

It’s always extremely important to get your supplements from a reputable vendor. If you’re looking to buy Ostarine in Canada, there are a few trusted sources around. For additional safety, it’s recommended to send in a sample of what you purchased to a lab for analysis. To research or buy SARMs in Canada, check out our pages on LGD-4033, RAD-140, MK-677, and other SARMs for some valuable information!

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