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I'm in week 6 and at 750 per 8 days or so. Definitely good gear. Been lifting for 35 years so trust me. I'm also 59 years old and my enzymes are on point. I lift heavy and joint ache not an issue. Great hardness with tight diet. What more do you want from test?
Shark Tooth - avatar Shark Tooth

agree with the guys,very nice Deca! Thanks Syn Pharma.
Igor - avatar Igor

Definetely high quality, even half of the tablet you feel it and the bronchi opens up widely !
dan_beland - avatar dan_beland

Igor 12 february 2019
love this masteron! Syn Pharma the best.
Igor - avatar Igor

Igor February 12 2019.
delivery fast,strong prop,Syn Pharma the best.
Igor - avatar Igor

Igor - february 12 2019
Delivery fast,very good strong sust,Syn Pharma the best
Igor - avatar Igor

Shipment fast,rockstar tren Syn Pharma the best
Igor - avatar Igor

GEN L. - avatar GEN L.

Fantastic EQ, quality gains. Helping to achieve a hard vascular look.
Tman - avatar Tman

Good customer service and fast shipping. Received product in 2 days
Jrmr - avatar Jrmr

Very strong product!
Big Daddy Pimp - avatar Big Daddy Pimp

at 75mg/75mg you’ll need a lot of oil to hit higher numbers. Not a bad product but just low dosing
McDs Special - avatar McDs Special



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