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Anadrol October 13, 2021

Took 50mg for the first week didn't do much for me, increased it to 75mg for week 2, week 3 started taking 100mg really started noticing massive strength gains. Squat went from 405 for 1 struggle of a rep to 405x8 by week 6
Jonah White - avatar Jonah White
Legacy Laboratories MK-677
Legacy Laboratories MK-677 September 30, 2021

Works great, lost body fat, plus all the other benefits from IGF-1 and GH, like hair growing in thicker, clearer skin etc.
Danny369 - avatar Danny369

Top notch….Strong product, and been super Consistent, keep up the Consistency on the gear and you guys will be number one in no time!!!! A1
Cory sears - avatar Cory sears
Dianabol September 9, 2021

4 starts for proper dosing and it works really I see muscles get bigger the same day when I use syn dianabol
Ferdi eren Keskin - avatar Ferdi eren Keskin
Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Cypionate September 9, 2021

Incredible properly dosed and no pain after injection! This stuff is pharma grade! I'm only doing half cc which is 125 mg a week and feeling great constant high libido Fuller muscles and increased energy plus moo bosting effect just as little as 125 mg this is what testosterone does when it is not underdosed like many ugls today unfortunately.

Thanks syn!
Ferdi eren Keskin - avatar Ferdi eren Keskin
Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Enanthate September 3, 2021

Real solid, 4 doses in so far and nothing but positives, thanks Dr. Syn
E_nutty - avatar E_nutty
Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Enanthate August 19, 2021

Very Happy with Syn Pharma , Legit good to go
Jason Morrissey - avatar Jason Morrissey

Amazing product great service.....
Randy Murata - avatar Randy Murata
Dianabol July 13, 2021

Got great results from a cycle. Fast shipping. Will definitely use again!
Sleeveofauto - avatar Sleeveofauto
Arimidex July 13, 2021

Used during a cycle. Worked well and noticed it working in about 2/3 days.
Sleeveofauto - avatar Sleeveofauto
Cialis 20
Cialis 20 July 13, 2021

Worked alright, worked really good taking 2
Sleeveofauto - avatar Sleeveofauto
Trenbolone Acetate
Trenbolone Acetate July 9, 2021

Hands down....THE BEST. Thank you syn pharma
Scotty4130 - avatar Scotty4130