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Helixx Labs LGD X
Helixx Labs LGD X March 20, 2024

When I got this product I didn’t think I’d get much results.. first 3 days blew me away! This was no different than running test! 10/10 loved it! If your looking for something to bulk you up in a month here you go
Joshuamcisaac12 - avatar Joshuamcisaac12
Dianabol November 17, 2023

Ran a cycle of this stuff last year! Overwhelming how strong this stuff is, I found it kick in first day. Strong pumps
Joshuamcisaac12 - avatar Joshuamcisaac12
Anadrol November 6, 2023

Syn for the win! stacking this up with mk-677, test and dbal, amazing product! Can’t beat the quality, long time customer!!
Joshuamcisaac12 - avatar Joshuamcisaac12
Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Enanthate October 12, 2023

Won’t use anything but syn (they’re the real deal) i’ll
continue to use canadian anabolics for all syn products
O Zone - avatar O Zone

For my first cycle (250mg) as a young adult I experienced incredible gains. This brand can be trusted safely & I experienced hardly any sides. I felt amazing, had great pumps & made good love in the sheets! Not only that these guys ship incredibly fast. 11/10 product!
Hulkholder - avatar Hulkholder
Legacy Laboratories TNT
Legacy Laboratories TNT October 24, 2022

Great quality same as what I’m used to
goldenbb - avatar goldenbb

Very powerful stuff
goldenbb - avatar goldenbb
Masteron Enanthate
Masteron Enanthate October 8, 2022

As always good masteron from syn. I’ve used 4 bottles of this brand and it’s fanstastic.
goldenbb - avatar goldenbb

Great work keeping it clean. Legacy labs sust is a pass!
goldenbb - avatar goldenbb
Syn Pharma HGH 100 iu
Syn Pharma HGH 100 iu September 29, 2022

This is unbelievable for weight loss if u can afford it...2 1/2 iu every morning and burned tough, lower,belly fat does take about a month to see weight shed off but we'll worth it..going to bump up to 4-6 iu a day in winter with sustanon 2x week with deca250 once a week and see how much size I can put on...test and hgh love each other and no need to go over board..could probably get by on one sust. a week but deca screws with my libido..turned 50 this year and hgh has changed my life dramatically
.this particular supplier/brand..on sale once in awhile too..been a member for awhile and swear by Canadian anabolics gear..never had an issue just big results and have tried 80% of stuff on here for my goals..great quality and customer service..
Dallas3323 - avatar Dallas3323
Anavar 10mg
Anavar 10mg September 2, 2022

Pasted the UV test, delivered in about 2-3 days. Very happy.
tonsoffun - avatar tonsoffun
Dianabol August 24, 2022

Great stuff! works like expected