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Anavar For Women: The Ultimate Guide to Shredding

Anavar (oxandrolone) is often called the “girl steroid” in the bodybuilding and fitness world. And that’s partly because it’s most prevalent among women that use PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs). It’s in relatively high demand because women looking to gain some physical edge do not have a wide range of steroid choices.  That’s if they intend to […]

Is It Safe To Take Steroids With Viagra, Cialis, Or Levitra?

Is It Safe To Take Steroids With Viagra, Cialis, Or Levitra

Steroids are synthetic versions of human hormones that improve muscle growth and male sexual characteristics. Men who struggle with their sexual health might think that steroids are the perfect addition to their treatment plan. Steroids are often taken by competitive athletes and bodybuilders to improve their performance, so it’s natural to think that steroids can […]

How Anabolic Steroids Work in the Body

how anabolic steroids work in the body

How Anabolic Steroids Work in the Body Introduction: We know that athletes and other professionals indulge in steroids to strengthen their muscles and increase their strength. Everyone wants to know really how anabolic steroids work in the body so they can get that competitive edge. They are performing at the highest level and the team […]

How To Get More Testosterone?

How To Get More Testosterone | Canadian Anabolics

How to Get More Testosterone is the hormone accountable for the improvement and regulation of male sexual characteristics. Hormones are the chemical messengers responsible for activating necessary changes in the body. Females also produce testosterone but in smaller amounts. In male testicles, Leydig cells produce this type of androgen. What does testosterone do? In men, […]

How to Use Injectable Steroids Safely

Injectable steroids | Canadian Anabolics

Ways to Use Injectable Steroids Without Pain Injectable steroids are common among bodybuilders and athletes who use them to increase muscle mass and strength. Primarily, however, steroids are used as anti-inflammatory medications which can treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, inflammatory bowel, and joint pain.  Knowing how to inject steroids is an integral part […]

Canadian Anabolics Review: Tam (Toronto, ON)

Canadian Anabolics Review | Best Steroids Canada

Canadian Anabolics Review: I would like to start this review by stating that I was more than slightly skeptical about placing an order with Canadian Anabolics or for that matter, any online company offering identical services. Afterall, ordering gear online is somewhat new to me and needless to say, I was wondering if this or […]

How Testosterone Helps Aging Men?

Low T Canada | Canadian Anabolics

How testosterone helps aging men: When you think of low levels of testosterone, you possibly might only associate it with middle-aged older men. However, the truth is that even men under 30 can experience low testosterone (also referred to as “low T”, late-onset hypogonadism, male menopause, or andropause). Before you consider how testosterone, the primary […]

Ostarine – A novel SARM which does little harm.

Ostarine | Buy Ostarine canada | Canadian Anabolics

Ostarine: Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are rapidly gaining traction in the health, bodybuilding, and fitness world. Certain SARMs such as Ostarine are gaining traction at a rapid pace, and surely this attention can’t be undeserved. Touted for its muscle and bone-building abilities. Ostarine has seen use in the clinical world as well for the […]

RAD-140 – A radical and safe substitute for testosterone.

RAD-140 Beforee and after | Benefits | Canadian Anabolics

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are rapidly gaining traction in the health, bodybuilding, and fitness world. RAD-140 is a novel and unique substance and goes under the common name Testolone. Developed by Radius Health Inc., RAD-140 saw its development follow the path of a treatment of certain conditions like muscle wasting and breast cancer. With […]

What Are the Safest Steroids to Use?

What Are the Safest Steroids to Use in Bodybuilding?

Safest Steroids – Venturing into the anabolic steroid world for the first time may seem confusing and riddled with fear of side effects. Even seasoned users may be wondering if they are using their money and health wisely with their current stacks. Learn which steroids are the safest to use. Especially if you are concerned […]


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