Is Jinder Mahal Using Steroids?

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Is Jinder Mahal Using Steroids?

At the end of 2016 Jinder Mahal went through a dramatic physique transformation that has led to many questions about steroid usage. The above image shows his before and after body within less than 6 months, you be the judge? Here are some of the reasons why we believe he is taking steroids!

1) The overall size and fullness of the muscle bellies cannot be obtained in such a short period of time. In order to gain the size (even temporarily), performance-enhancing drugs (PED) must be used. Taking a healthy dose of testosterone would help achieve this.

2) The vascularity difference between photos is substantial and the only way to achieve veins popping out of your body like that is to be taking hardening agents that will help you lean out and make the veins pop. We think Jinder Mahal was using winstrol to help achieve this look.)

3) Gynaecology (Gyno): The nipples of Jinder Mahal show a clear sign of gyno which is a direct link to elevated levels of testosterone/estrogen. The elevation of estrogen will typically causes negative side effects from taking high levels of testosterone. A proper protocol should always include anti-estrogen agents to keep you safe and avoid sagging tits.

4) Acne: For many months on end his back was covered in terrible acne which is also a negative side effect to  elevated levels of testosterone.

Steroids can be used safely and properly, some people don’t use them correctly and end up with some of the negative side effects listed above. However you look at it, Jinder Mahal also received a number of benefits from taking steroids. As you know being a Canadian, Jinder would have purchased his steroids in Canada. In Canada, we have some of the top quality steroids available in the world.

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