How to Get a Harder Erection

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How to Get a Harder Erection


How to Get a Harder Erection –There are a number of reasons why us men feel the need to our improve sexual performance. From feeling appreciated, being more self-confident, to simply wanting to let the good times roll, and more. See below what you can incorporate into your sex life to maximize pleasure across the board for your partner and yourself. Who knows, you might just have the time of your life after applying some of these erection boosting tips.


Foods for a Rock-Hard Erection

How to Get a Harder Erection – Watching what you eat is a major key to a healthy erection and a hearty sex life. Namely, eating in a way that promotes blood flow through your heart and entire body is what you’re aiming for. In turn, healthy arteries and blood vessels directly reflect on the health of your penis. Which foods you decide to eat can either make or break your night with your special someone.

How to Get a Harder Erection – Coffee – Now you don’t need to go overboard with the coffee. But a moderate amount of it can activate more blood flow to the penis.

How to Get a Harder Erection – Banana – Healthy hearts go hand in hand with having a firm hard-on. Bananas are filled with potassium, which is necessary for excellent blood circulation.

How to Get a Harder Erection – Oats – Oatmeal can give you the endurance you need when it matters the most. L-arginine is found in oats, which is an amino acid used to treat erectile dysfunction. Plus, they lower cholesterol, which is going to free up room for optimal blood flow.

How to Get a Harder Erection – Dark Chocolate – As a natural aphrodisiac, eating chocolate right before sex is going to give you a great erection. And, it boosts serotonin, which is responsible for feeling happy and makes it easier to climax. Not only that, but cocoa increases blood flow everywhere in your system, including your penis.

As it turns out, you can have an entire meal with all the aforementioned ingredients, and it will look completely normal. Consider these foods as your secret sexual weapons to getting and maintaining a hard erection just in time for sex.


Healthy Habits for a Healthy Erection

How to Get a Harder Erection – Avoid overconsuming alcohol – Of course, alcohol can be part of a night out and a precursor to fun sex. However, that does not mean you need to drink too much – especially for your penis to function correctly. Drink only enough to maintain a slight buzz if you don’t want to run into any erectile issues later on in the night.

How to Get a Harder Erection – Sleep long and well enough – This is something you’ll see more of when it is consistent. Having a week-long of terrible sleep isn’t going to be cured by one night of good sleep. Maintain good sleep habits and your testosterone levels will gladly thank you.

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