Using This Powerful Steroid: Equipoise

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Using This Powerful Steroid: Equipoise 

Using This Powerful Steroid: Equipoise: Boldenone Undecylenate, popularly known under the trade name Equipoise, is an anabolic steroid. Typically, it has been used for weakened horses to improve their haircoat, weight, or general physical condition. Astonishingly, both veterinarians and bodybuilders alike have found uses for Boldenone Undecylenate.

It has also been found to provide a handful of benefits for body and strength building in humans too – not just horses. Many bodybuilders and athletes employ Equipoise for its long-lasting effects and formidable size and strength gains. Find out if buying steroids such as Equipoise in Canada is the right decision for you.


What Exactly Is Equipoise (EQ)?

Boldenone Undecylenate is strikingly similar in comparison to the male hormone testosterone. Simply put, testosterone’s structure is slightly altered to produce Equipoise.

Many steroids are taken orally and have a short half-life, the time it stays active in your body. Yet equipoise is different. EQ is injected and stays functioning for up to two weeks. Though many EQ users experience its effects lasting from 14-21 days, the benefits top out around 3-4 days after injection.

Keep in mind that Equipoise can be detected for up to two years in an individual. Of course, this would not be recommended for athletes that require testing to partake in physical activities.

How the Steroid Equipoise Can Benefit You

Increased Protein Synthesis

Canadian Equipoise provides a fast rate of protein synthesis to deliver a powerful muscle-building boost. You will be able to put all that eating to maximum use through optimal recovery. The faster you get recovered, the less and less likely you’ll get injured lifting too.

Specifically, this anabolic androgenic steroid binds to your androgen receptors to generate an increase in protein synthesis. And at the end of the day, protein synthesis is a huge deciding factor in whether you are obtaining your goals or not. Getting bigger, stronger, faster, more agile, or whatever it is that you’re after is highly dependent on protein synthesis.

Improved Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen retention is a huge benefit that should never be overlooked or brushed to the side. During intense exercise multiple times per week, eventually, our body wants no more of it. It will try to get rid of muscle being entering a catabolic state to make us stop exercising. However, as bodybuilders and athletes know, this is quite the opposite of the goal.

When our body is flooded with a positive nitrogen balance, the catabolic state is impossible. And in return, we build muscle – lots of it. Equipoise aids greatly in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance to help build solid, long-lasting muscle.

Inject and Forget

You don’t have to constantly be taking this Canadian steroid orally like others and don’t have to inject EQ frequently. Once you inject, you can have the peace of mind that the EQ is working for a couple of weeks.

How can you go wrong with saving both time and a regularly sore butt?

Take note that you should take Equipoise with testosterone as well. Since EQ may decrease your sexual function, testosterone supplementation will be there to balance your system out. Plus, even though EQ actively lasts for two weeks, you should inject it at least once a week to preserve healthy blood levels.

What to Expect on Equipoise?

Increased Appetite

Get ready to fill up your plate and spend a bit more on groceries! EQ is known to increase your appetite but in a good way. You’re going to need the extra calories to keep up with the solid muscle building it provides.

Just be aware of one thing if you’re using Equipoise alongside cutting rather than bulking. Yes, you will maintain muscle mass; but, being very hungry may turn into a side effect rather than a benefit. When you buy steroids in Canada, expect your food to rise and meet your muscle needs.

Strength Gains

Compared to other steroids, Equipoise is known to be a tad bit slower in the gains department. However, many prefer this since it is a steadier approach for long, 12-week cycles. In other words, it is reliable and stable. You won’t find strange fluctuations with Equipoise because it is a such a down-to-earth steroid.

Ever wanted to continue to gain strength while on a cut? There are reports of individuals adding 10, 15, and 20 pounds on various compound lifts. In the big picture, that is a minuscule amount, but it is much better than typically losing strength or plateauing during a cut for the sake of getting shredded.

Lean Bulking

If you’re following a strict nutrition plan, you can easily lean bulk on Canadian steroids such as Equipoise. Of course, lean bulking does take longer than fast bulking. But it is for a good reason that many prefer.

When you do decide to jump off a cycle, you will maintain your muscle for more extended periods. Moreover, by taking a smaller dose than usual, you can solidify the gained muscle more in the long-term. Gaining fast then losing fast does not have to be a problem when life happens to get in the way of working out.

Side Effects of EQ

Overall, EQ is a pretty safe steroid compared to other anabolic steroids. Common side effects for men include slight hair growth or loss and testosterone suppression. For women, symptoms turn out to be more prominent – including a deeper voice, hair and clitoral growth.

As briefly mentioned above, supplementing Equipoise with testosterone can counter its suppressive test qualities – especially during sex. For women, going overboard with Equipoise can be almost too easy. Backing off a pinch to a lower dose can be beneficial if too many unwanted masculine traits are noticed.

Buy Equipoise in Canada

If you need steroids in Canada, you’ve landed in the right place. Always buy your steroids in Canada from a trusted, reputable source. There are few feelings better than knowing you’re getting your steroids from people you can rely on. Try out and buy equipoise in Canada and gain muscle more consistently than you ever have before.

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