All You Need To Know About RAD140

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All You Need to Know About RAD140 (Testolone)


You may have heard the buzz about SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) and how they can positively impact your mass-building journey. Without a doubt, SARMs are nothing to push to the wayside if you have a passion for performance.

Before we dive any deeper, you need to know that hard work, dedication, and persistence even when you don’t feel like hitting the gym is ultimately going to make the difference in your dream body. But of course, a SARM like RAD140 is only going to make it much easier and faster.


What Exactly is RAD140 (Testolone)?

A supplement name comprised of only letters and numbers may not seem that inviting to take. But it is only called that because it has not been approved for medical use yet. In general, SARMs are so new to the market that they have not been medically reviewed enough across the board.

But that doesn’t mean bodybuilders haven’t already been putting RAD140 to the test with real results. RAD140 has grown increasingly popular in the bodybuilding and strength community as a way to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

To put it simply, Testolone can be taken orally and promotes dense bone and muscle mass growth. It invigorates the androgen receptors in your bones and muscle to support rapid recovery.

Benefits of RAD140

There are plenty of benefits RAD140 hosts, which not only lifters can benefit from but others that suffer from certain diseases as well. And yes, when you record own personal before and after results, you are going to wonder why you didn’t hear about RAD140 sooner.

Rapid Fat Loss

Some days it may feel like losing fat is no easy feat to overcome when you try to hit it head-on. But solving your weight issues indirectly may be the answer your body has been looking for.

With RAD140, your body increases muscle mass and so does your metabolism at the same time. This is important to note when you are looking to lose weight because you can hop on a cutting diet and supplement Testolone. In turn, when you’re in a calorie deficit and your body is attempting to waste away muscle and fat, it will only be able to shred the fat because RAD140 prevents muscle wasting.

All you need to take away is that RAD140 is not directly cutting your fat, but not disallowing your muscle to fade when you are eating much less than usual. Talk about an awesome indirect solution, right?

Muscle Mass Growth

As mentioned above, RAD140’s primary responsibility is to preserve muscle mass. But not only does it do a stellar job at maintaining the muscle you do have, but you can build existing muscle at the same time.

Alongside a proper bulk and rest routine, gaining weight with a RAD140 supplement can be easy as a walk in the park. And not just any weight, but the weight you need – strong, dense bone and muscle tissue.

Similar to testosterone, RAD140 boasts positive muscle-building and preservation effects but without nearly as many problematic side effects.

Working in tandem with stronger and bigger muscles, you can expect to pump out more reps with an increase in endurance and stamina. The bottom line is your PRs can shoot through the roof if your goal is to lift heavy.

Suppresses Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Although disease prevention may not be on your mind when purchasing a bodybuilding supplement, it is something to keep in mind.

Out of the tests that have been done, RAD140 has be found to suppress both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you are fortunate not to have such ailments, Testolone can be something to keep in your back pocket just in case your genetic disposition calls for such prevention.


Side Effects of Rad140

As stated above, Testolone is so fresh to the bodybuilding scene that no clinical trials yet exist to prove adverse side effects. But with a bit of common sense, we can relate RAD140 to other testosterone enhancing substances.

Assumed side effects may include ups and down in libido, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, depression, and breast growth in men.

Many side effects such as these can be countered with other steroids, free testosterone, or natural supplements even. There is typically always a way to dampen ill side effects SARMs and steroids deliver in exchange for desirable anabolic effects.


Recommended RAD140 Dosage

If this is your first RAD140 cycle, there is no reason to get too crazy with the dosing. It will take time and effort to figure out which dosage, timing, and length of the cycle your body responds best to. However, still stick to one cycle to its fullest extent to make sure your results are consistent.

Try out a full cycle of 20mg daily for 12 weeks to get your feet wet with RAD140. After that, most lifters tend to take a break off cycling and let their hormone levels go back to normal. Get to know your body as best as possible throughout this process, so you know when you can handle starting up again. Usually, the off-cycle lasts 6-8 weeks depending on the individual.


RAD140 Results Before and After

Many bodybuilders and athletes have already experienced the life-changing benefits that come with RAD140. You can put on anywhere from 2-3 pounds per week while still becoming more and more toned throughout the three-month cycle. Plus, the anabolic to androgenic ratio is 80:1, which means you can lavish in your gains without much of a thought for dealing with usual side effects other supplements can bring.


Buy SARMs RAD140 in Canada

For the most trusted online selection in Canada, buy SARMs RAD140 here from Canadian Anabolics. For many, sometimes starting something new may be the hardest part – especially something as new as SARMs. But when you get on a roll, you may realize you found your new, go-to fitness supplement. Don’t leave yourself wondering why what could have been and buy SARMS RAD140 today for optimal muscle-building and fat loss.

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