Low Testosterone Symptoms

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Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms: Signs Your Testosterone is Running Low


Throughout the course of our lives, hormones play a critical factor in how we feel. For testosterone, it is a hormone that helps decide our sex drive, confidence, muscle mass, bone density, and more.

When we grow up into adulthood, natural testosterone production is generally very high. But as we steer past thirty, forty, fifty, and beyond, testosterone is bound to take a steep drop.

If not addressed, many are likely to experience ill symptoms of low testosterone. But it does not have to be this way.

Take a look and see if any of the following symptoms ring a bell. And remember, there is no need to worry if your testosterone is running under par because there are preventative actions such as supplementing testosterone to get right back on track. You can enjoy life to the fullest extent no matter what age you are.


Myths About Low Testosterone

But first, we need to clear up some misconceptions about low testosterone in men. Sometimes what we hear from a friend, neighbor, co-worker about low testosterone is immediately taken to heart and actually not sound advice or info.

  •    Myth: Only Older Men Are Affected by Low Testosterone – Actually, men of any age can be affected by low testosterone. Even men ages from 18-30 can be affected that have pituitary gland issues or damage to testes.
  •    Myth: Low Testosterone Only Equals a Low Sex Drive – This is a flat out lie. Unfortunately, low testosterone affects much more than a decline in your libido. It also can include depression, increased irritability, and fatigue.
  •    Myth: Low Testosterone is Rare – In fact, low testosterone is not uncommon. Across the globe, men are afflicted with lower testosterone more than ever before. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes or are obese, your risk of low testosterone is greatly increased. Partly due to sedentary lifestyles becoming more common, low testosterone has followed suit too.


Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Figure out if you resonate with any of the following signs of low testosterone. The first step to solving low testosterone is understanding what you are dealing with and how you are feeling.

No Sex Drive

Imagine when your partner wants to have sex, but you have no desire to. Don’t you wish you could be feeling a bit more energy for sex? Stopped by a low libido in the bedroom can cause a handful of problems in a relationship and self-confidence issues as well.

When you just don’t ever feel like sex, it may leave your partner feeling unappreciated or unwanted. Not only that, but it can create emotional and mental turmoil in your mind. Making you wonder what is wrong with something so natural can develop a lot of worries. Fortunately, we will touch more on a solution for this later on.

Decreased Sperm Production

Although many may think sperm and semen are the same, they are not. Semen is the bulk of the fluid when you ejaculate. You actually cannot see your sperm with the naked eye because they are microscopic. However, sperm needs the semen in order to swim and fertilize an egg.

Nevertheless, you can buy a take-home fertility test or get checked at your doctor for a sperm count. If you happen to know that your sperm production is on the downhill, it can certainly be a sign of low testosterone.

Decreased Muscle Mass and Strength

One day, you may go to the gym and notice a slight change throughout your lifts. But that one day can turn into a week, then a month, then continue for years. Of course, a decrease in strength in muscle mass is natural with age, but a dramatic decrease with not much to explain for it may be a sign of low testosterone.

When your muscles lose their size, and everything feels much heavier than it used to, there is always an explanation for it. On top of that, if you are experiencing many or all of the other symptoms listed, it may be time to realize and come to terms with having low testosterone.

Weak Bones

Fragile bones are one of the many signs of a man ridden with low testosterone. Breaks, hairline fractures, tension, or pain deep in your bones may point to this issue.

On the other hand, dense bones full of strength and reliability are what you should be after. After all, your skeletal system is absolutely vital to everyday movements and survival.

There is no reason to let testosterone deficiency rob you of your golden years with bone issues and persistent pain.

Frequent Tiredness

Out of all the symptoms of low testosterone, fatigue is highly prevalent among men. When you need to be alert and upbeat the most, you simply do not feel up to it because of a dreaded low-energy state.

Consider what it would be like to not be tired all the time. You could accomplish more of what you need to throughout the week. Even if it is as simple as knocking out a honey-do-list, consistently working out, or playing with your kids more, it all matters.


Buy Testosterone in Canada

Although you clearly know what the issue is and how low testosterone plagues your libido, energy, and bodily composition, there is a solution for all men in need of a kick of testosterone. Many men have found that by creating a new habit of supplementing testosterone into their daily lives, a restored vigor and passion return.

For all areas of life, imagine what it could be like not worrying about engaging in physical activity in fear of injury, wondering if you are in the mood for sex, and more. A sense of freedom and calmness is warmly invited into your life when you supplement testosterone.

By making a simple yet powerful decision to buy testosterone in Canada, you can turn your life around. Identifying the signs and symptoms of low testosterone is only the start. It is up to you to take the step forward and reignite your testosterone from within.

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