How to Inject Steroids On Your Own

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How to Inject Steroids on Your Own


Starting anything for the first time can be daunting. Without having any prior experience in a matter, how do you know everything is going to be okay?

Especially with anabolic steroids, if you have never injected before, it is normal to have to experience an overwhelming fear. But not let that deter you from following through with your first injection.

Through taking precautionary steps, knowing where to inject, and obtaining the correct equipment for the job, you can relax and bring back your peace of mind.

Injecting steroids is not as scary as your mind is making it out to be. Once you manage through your first time, it is smooth sailing here on out.

If you are a first-time steroid user or a seasoned vet looking for more info, we have your back on how to inject steroids on your own.

Necessary Equipment to Inject

Check off that you have all the equipment required to inject before you start.

  •    Alcohol Swabs/ Wipes – Make sure you have easy access to unopened, new alcohol wipes. You need these swabs to clean your skin prior to injecting.
  •    Sharp Hazards Trash – Some steroids you need to take on a daily basis, so investing in a sharp hazards waste bucket is a tremendous help. It is also a premium safety measure for yourself and anyone you live with.
  •    Syringe – Used to draw, hold, and inject your preferred steroid.
  •    Injecting Needle – Injects the steroid.
  •    Drawing Needle – Collects the steroid into the syringe first.
  •    Anabolic Steroid – Double checking where your actual steroid is should come last to ensure sterility and safety of everything else.

Steps to Inject Safely

Before anything, sterilization safety is your number one priority before, during, and after injection. You should always make it a habit only of using fresh, new pins every time you inject. Never share with anyone else just to be sure there is not any chance for cross-contamination or a viral infection.

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any materials such as needles, swabs, and your steroid. This is important to not accidentally contaminate your intramuscular area once you inject.

Next, open an alcohol swab and remove the protective cap off your steroid vial. Wipe the top of the bottle clean to remove any lingering pathogens and bacteria.

Now you can move on to open the syringe, drawing needle, and injecting needle packages. Watch out because the needles are extremely sharp. The last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up a bloody mess from pricking your hand or somewhere else on your body.

If the injecting needle is already attached, you need to remove it. Squeeze both sides of the plastic, twist and pop off the injecting needle from the base of the syringe. Replace the injecting needle with the drawing needle. How you took off the injecting needle is the exact opposite of how you insert the drawing needle.

Flip your steroid vial upside-down and gently, yet firmly, push the drawing needle through the rubber top of the vial. It is critical to make sure the tip of the needle is completely submerged in the steroid.

Slowly, pull back the syringe plunger and withdraw the steroid dosage until you reach the milligrams you had in mind. Once you reach your mark, remove the syringe from the steroid vial.

With the syringe in hand still, pull back the plunger just a pinch until you see a space of air enter. This ensures you do not waste any steroid because you are about to remove the drawing needle.

Detach the drawing needle and throw it away in your sharp hazards waste bucket. Replace it with the injecting needle.

Remember the air you let in for a brief moment when the drawing needle was attached? Now, you need to remove that air by pushing up on the syringe’s plunger again. Slowly and gently push until you see a single drop of the steroid at the tip of the needle and stop.

Now it is time to choose between your upper, lateral glute or your thigh. These are the different spots to inject your steroid. It is recommended to choose your thigh because many steroid users may not be flexible enough to twist and prick their glute over time. The bigger you get, you may find the harder it is to turn and inject steroids into your bottom.

If you choose to inject in your upper, lateral glute, let your weight rest on your opposite leg to take any load bearing off your soon to be injected glute. This allows your muscle to relax and not contract during the injection.

Maintain your posture from the step above, then insert the injecting needle at a 90° angle. But do not inject your steroid yet. You need to make sure you have not hit a vein or artery.

Aspirate the needle by pulling back the needle for at least three seconds. If any blood comes out, you need to pull out and do not inject the steroid at all costs. Blood indicates a vein has been hit, and you need to insert into the muscle. You can end up with a severe emergency if you pump your steroid directly into your bloodstream. Take out a new, sterilized needle and repeat the entire process again if this occurs.

Hopefully, no blood comes out of the needle and you can continue. If this is the case, push down on the plunger to finally inject the steroid into your muscle.

Take out the needle and swab your injection area clean. Spend 30-seconds gently massaging the injection area with the swab as well to help with the blood flow and any pain.

Be sure to throw away all your injection materials such as the syringe, injecting needle, and drawing needle properly in the sharp hazards trash. Do not make the mistake of putting them in a regular trash bucket when you or a loved one can cut themselves with a dirty needle while taking the trash out later.

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Whether you area first time steroid user or steroid veteran looking for a safe injection refresher, safely injecting steroids on your own is a job well done. Now that you know how to inject steroids like a pro, visit our online store to buy steroids discreetly and hassle-free in Canada.

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