Anavar For Women: The Ultimate Guide to Shredding

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Anavar (oxandrolone) is often called the “girl steroid” in the bodybuilding and fitness world. And that’s partly because it’s most prevalent among women that use PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs). It’s in relatively high demand because women looking to gain some physical edge do not have a wide range of steroid choices. 

That’s if they intend to maintain their femininity at the same time. The reason is that the use of most anabolic steroids results in virilization symptoms among women, making them androgenic. 

Virilization simply means the effects of masculine changes in women, making females sound and look like males. 
Hence the Anavar cycle helps prevent the deepening of the voice, enlargement of the clitoris, shrinking breast, and other symptoms caused by androgenic steroids. To avoid these effects, users need to focus on dosage to reduce the risk of virilization. This article takes a close look at Anavar for women and covers the following topics:

  • What exactly is Anavar?
  • The main benefits
  • How Anavar Works
  • Is it suitable for females?
  • The Female Anavar Cycle
  • Side effects of Anavar for women
  • Issues with Anavar purchase
  • The Price of Anavar

So let’s get into it if you’re ready to get shredded. 

What Exactly is Anavar?

Anavar is a steroid administered orally. It was created in 1992 to enable the rapid growth of lean muscle mass in patients dealing with conditions of muscle loss like muscular dystrophy. Apart from this, its makers had in mind to offer a safe and mild drug to women and children that produce few side effects. 

It came to the market in 1964 thanks to an American pharmaceutical company called G.D Searle & Co. Since then, Anavar has succeeded in beginning a go-to drug for treating not only women but also men and children with conditions like burns, catabolic illnesses, and infections. It also helps patients recovering from surgery. Some doctors also prescribe it as a treatment for osteoporosis because it can successfully improve bone mineral density. 

Today, the increase of understanding surrounding this drug means Anavar for women medicine and use in the medical field is approved by the FDA. This separates it from other steroids in that they initially received approval for medical use but later got banned because of their severe adverse effects. Also, research shows that long-term use of Anavar is safe. Nevertheless, it’s worth stating that recreational use of Anavar is against the regulations of the FDA since it’s a schedule III controlled substance. 

Main Benefits Of Anavar For Women

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There are five main benefits reported by users of Anavar:

  • Muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Increased strength
  • Female friendly
  • Enhanced clitoris sensitivity

Muscle Gains

Women can gain mass with Anavar due to its anabolic nature. But it lacks the potency to transform a woman into a female The Rock. Therefore, its muscle benefits are relatively moderate, enabling you to get shredded slowly but not getting you too bulky. Overall, you should see improvements in muscle tone and cuts. 

Boost in Endurance, Speed, and Recovery

Anavar is effective for treating patients with severe burns due to its role in accelerating recovery. This is one of the main reasons athletes, both female and male, resort to Anavar. With the boost in recovery, athletes can safely intensify training, exercise more regularly, and prolong the duration of their workouts to improve overall physical performance. 

The compound produces a higher blood cell count and boosts ATP production, but muscular endurance will also spike from Anavar use. Hence, it benefits more than endurance and strength performers athletes. Top performers in Sports that rely on speed can also benefit from Anavar intake.

Fat Loss

There are two ways Anavar can help the body to eliminate fat. It produces anti-glucocorticoid and insulin-regulating effects. Antiglucocorticoid effects refer to the substantial reduction of cortisol levels. Cortisol is a known catabolic hormone that promotes fat storage. By reducing it, Anavar helps women cut away fat in places like hips, bum, and legs. 

Increased Strength

Although it doesn’t cause massive muscle gain, users notice a considerable increase in strength. In the case of women, this can be pretty fascinating. After all, they say, “strong is the new sexy.” Anavar boosts testosterone levels, glycogen, and ATP storage in the muscles of women. Thus, heightening strength and endurance. 

Female Friendly

Studies indicate that Anavar could encourage virilization in women and girls. However, this can only be caused by high doses consumed for long periods. So if you maintain a short cycle and a moderate amount, you drastically reduce the possibility of virilization. Therefore, women are generally advised to process Anavar for 4 to 6 weeks only to minimize the risk of virilization. 

Enhanced Clltoris Sensitivity

If you put Anavar to good use, it will not result in the growth of clitoral size. Instead, it can cause the sensitivity of the clitoris to increase. In the case of some women, this could be unfavorable if you’re a woman with a low sex drive. However, those with active sex lives find it promotes intense orgasms. 

Bigger And Fuller Muscles

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It can cause substantial intracellular water retention, leading to constantly full and bulging muscles all day round. Women who want to look bulky can find this highly useful. This type of extra fullness that Anavar adds to the muscles and its tendency to dry up can significantly increase vascularity. 

The effects responsible for this are water filling up the inside of the muscle cells while fluid escapes the muscle cells. As a result, superficial veins are visibly more prominent since there are no extracellular fluids to obscure them. 

How Anavar Works

The usually taken dose among women is the Anavar 5mg to 10mg each day. If you desire to push your results further, you can consume higher doses of about 20mg or more. But you need to remember that when you start introducing more than 10mg of Anavar per day into your body, your chances of seeing virilization symptoms go up exponentially. 

Even though it’s possible to reverse the effects of masculinity simply by stopping Anavar use, suppose you cycle it long enough the effects may become irreversible over time. Hence, if you don’t wish to sound, look, and feel like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson long-term, you’re better off using the recommended dose of 5-10mg. 


On the other hand, men can generally use higher doses of Anavar, about 15-25mg/day. You will find Anavar pills in 10, 5, or 2.5mg tablets. It’s better to divide your dose into two each day by taking two pills. The reason is that the half-life of Anavar is short, about 9-10 hours. As such, you need to maintain a high amount of oxandrolone accumulated in your system if you want to maximize your gain per cycle. 

Thus, those looking to take 1omg each day will have to take 5mg tablets twice every day. It’s convenient since you can readily find 5mg pills on the market. However, should you only get 10mg pills, dividing them into two halves with a pill cutter is the best option. 

The Recommended Anavar Only Cycle

If you’re starting with Anavar for the first time, making the most of it can be tricky, even with the previously mentioned daily dose. Therefore, to get the best Anavar results, you have to figure out the right Anavar cycle for the first five weeks. 

The ideal approach is to gradually introduce the compound in the first week and slowly increase the dose across the extended time of five weeks, making the cycle. If you complete the first cycle, you could start another, this time a 6-week cycle beginning at 10mg per day. When taking the 5mg dose of Anavar, you might want to get the 2.5mg tablets as they are more convenient. 

Pro Tip: You must always take Anavar on an empty stomach. Taking Anavar with any meal may affect the results since the body will absorb less of the compound. That’s because Anavar pills are fat-soluble. Therefore, if your meals contain fat, they’ll dissolve some of the active compounds in the tablet. Hence, limiting the amount that gets into circulation. 

Is The Use of Anavar Legal?

During the early days of its release, Anavar (oxandrolone) was entirely legal for purchase and used in bodybuilding. Doctors could prescribe if their patients wanted to build muscle and gain mass through excess fat burn and strength during exercises. 

But the Anabolic Steroids Control Act in 1990 changed everything, making it illegal to buy without a medical purpose. Apart from Mexico, the recreational use of Anavar is illegal in almost all countries worldwide. That said, there are numerous approved and legal products known to induce the effects and results of the compounds. 

Possible Side Effects of Anavar in Women

Photo by Sabel Blanco from Pexels

Photo by Sabel Blanco from Pexels

The known side effects of this compound include: 

  • Higher cholesterol
  • Lower natural testosterone
  • Small liver strain
  • Commonly faked

Higher cholesterol

Anavar for beginners can affect the level of cholesterol in the female body. Consequently, the beneficial type of cholesterol known as HDL reduces, and the harmful one called LDL increases, per the research

However, the female body doesn’t naturally produce high cholesterol levels in women, leading to lower levels compared with men. But women who are on Anavar should do their best to watch their cholesterol levels closely. This way, preventing their blood pressure from skyrocketing. After the Anavar cycle, the changes in cholesterol will return to normal. Also, high-intensity interval training and frequent cardio exercises will help keep blood pressure low and accelerate shredding through fat loss. 

Lower natural testosterone

Another impact of the Anavar cycle is the reduction of endogenous testosterone levels in women. Many may not consider this a problem, but this can result in remarkably lower sex drive and lower general well-being, even post-cycle. Remember that although the ovaries in women only produce a limited amount of testosterone, it’s a crucial hormone nonetheless. 

Small liver strain

Considering that Anavar is a C17-alpha-alkylated oral steroid, the liver has to work by processing the compound. This can cause some level of liver strain in some cases. But the strain is a mild one when you consider other steroids. However, if you’ve ever experienced liver damage or regularly drink alcohol, Anavar may not be suitable for you since your liver is already under a lot of strain. 

Commonly faked

The black market is replete with several types of Anavar. So women looking to begin it should first get a testing kit. Using a testing kit, you can detect the presence of actual Anavar in any product you buy. 

Apart from this, you can also test for purity and measure the amount of Anavar in each tablet. Hence, enabling you to know if the label is correct or not. Overall, the ultimate gauge of the dose is the results you observe post-cycle.  

Pros And Cons of Anavar

The popularity of Anavar among women is very high for obvious reasons. It is quite effective for shredding, gaining muscle, and losing fat at the same time. At the same time, it considerably lowers the chances of masculinization side effects among users, specifically users who take the proper doses. 

On the other hand, its main con is the price point. Anavar usually costs around $100 and more per cycle. During scientific studies, researchers have reported the safety of the compounds as “excellent,” with it being an FDA-approved drug for prescription among doctors and their patients. 

Thus, the issues of long-term health damage due to Anavar use are not a concern. Nevertheless, the abuse of Anavar, particularly by women, can result in long-term side effects. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use high doses of Anavar on long cycles. 


Perhaps the most counterfeited steroid out there is Anavar. This is partly due to the tremendous benefits it offers and the unavailability of pharmaceutical-grade Anavar. Therefore, those looking to use Anavar should pay close attention to quality and the pricing. If you get a lower product than the expected prices, chances are it’s not genuine. Or it could be genius, but the actual dosage of Anavar in the tablet is lower than indicated on the product label. As such, you want to know alternatives like Dianabol. In any case, remember to stick to the recommended dose, perform the physical aspects during your cycle, and your results should speak for themselves.

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