SARMs: How Can They Be Used To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat Simultaneously?

SARMs - How can they be used to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously

Like everything else in the world, SARMs are not flawless. We’ll mention some of their most prominent downsides towards the end of the text. And yes, we may not know much about their long-term side effects, but we know the immediate results they give to their users.

Those immediate results include fat burning and muscle increase simultaneously, which we can hardly achieve with persistent workouts and diets. Not only is achieving both strenuous, but it’s very time-consuming. Besides, if you are interested in purchasing and trying out some high-quality SARMs in Canada, you should search for vendors and find the best SARMs retailer in Canada. But before you make your first purchase, you should get well-informed about what SARMs are and how they work.

Do SARMs work, and what are they?

SARMs are short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and are a group of therapeutic compounds that provide similar effects and anabolic properties as steroids. In our bodies, they activate the androgen receptor by binding androgens, i.e., testosterone. But unlike steroids, which bind to many androgen receptors throughout the tissues in our body, SARMs are selective and bind only to some androgen receptors in particular tissues but not to others. To this day, all SARMs are still investigational drugs.

Medically speaking, they could be very effective in promoting the growth of our tissues, like our muscles and bones, without any adverse side effects in other tissues (skin or liver). They’re still going through evaluations for treating numerous muscle-wasting diseases.

These diseases include cancer, osteoporosis, heart failure, end-stage liver disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HIV, and end-stage renal disease. There are, unfortunately, possible negative side effects of SARMs that we’ll mention later on.

Now, let’s take a look at a detailed list of the most frequently used SARMS to understand better how they work and what we can expect after using them.

List of SARMs and their impact on the human body

With more and more people turning to SARMs to build muscle and lose weight without the painful and slow process of working out and cutting down on food, it’s crucial to examine them thoroughly. We’ve composed a list of SARMs for you to show you how they directly target our tissues.

They’ll work just as well, both for those keen on dropping pounds and those who want to build up their muscles to look outstanding. But of course, to get the desirable impact from SARMs, you have to understand how they work to get the most benefit from them.


The S32 is the perfect combo for building up muscle and losing weight at the same time while also not having to deal with the negative side effects that steroids can cause. S32 is a great SARM for athletes, bodybuilders, and those who want body improvements with these beneficial traits.


Cardarine is best for reducing fat levels. It works as an effective fat burner and reduces all the fatty acids in the user’s body. The results are almost instantly visible, and some Cardarine users managed to lose up to 15kg by regularly taking it.


Ligandrol is another SARM from the group of high-quality SARMs in Canada, perfect for building up muscle. This SARM can increase your strength levels by up to 75%. That’s why most weightlifters use Ligandrol for their workouts.

With this product, some users managed to gain around 4kg in just a month. There are no side effects similar to those that steroids can cause after using Ligandrol. Researchers say that Ligandrol is safe even though it’s one of the most potent SARMs on the market today.


Ostarine is yet another SARM for muscle growth that can simultaneously reduce muscle waste. Muscle waste is common after steroid use. Ostarine has no adverse side effects, contrary to steroids, and can improve the user’s bone strength for better workouts at the gym.

Rad 140

If you want to find a SARM that can help you put on muscle by increasing your testosterone levels, you should go to the best SARMs retailer in Canada and look for Rad 140. By increasing testosterone levels, you’ll also boost your strength and have more defined muscles.


You should always pair Ibutamoren with an exercise routine and include a lot of vitamins in your diet. This SARM replicates the effects ghrelin has on your body. The result is an increased appetite and boosted hormone levels.

Another effect of Ibutamoren is decreasing muscle waste and providing a better sleep schedule. This way, you’ll get all the rest you need, enough energy to work out, and the muscle boost you want. The recommended dosage is one pill a day, and the results will be visible almost immediately.

Are there any possible dangers of using SARMs?

All SARMs mentioned above are prohibited for athletes (in competition and out of it) by the WADA. They’re listed under “Other Anabolic Agents” in section S1.2 on the WADA Prohibited List. Athletes who want to be a part of clinical trials for SARMs can contact USADA.

However, there’s still no FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval of SARMs as prescription drugs. They’re still considered drugs under investigation, and your doctor can’t legally prescribe them.

The FDA also warns all SARMs consumers about the potential negative side-effects of SARMs that can be life-threatening. These side-effects are an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Note also that the long-term negative side effects of SARMs are still unknown.


As listed above, numerous different SARMs can be beneficial for your body if you want to reduce fat or build up muscles. When properly used, SARMs can give you desired and immediate results you’ve long been looking for. However, like all other artificial supplements globally, SARMs come with some potential risks and dangers. That’s why it’s vital to use SARMs correctly and with great caution. Always bear in mind that the FDA hasn’t approved SARMs yet and that these drugs are still under investigation.


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