Top 5 Things to Remember While on A Turinabol Cycle

Top 5 things to remember while on a turinabol cycle
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Are you looking to get on a Turinabol cycle? Typically, most people get started on a steroid cycle using Dianabol, even though certain users say Anadrol is their preference. The first choice is always based on several factors, and these three steroids are usually at the top of the list, and Turinabol makes to the list for many good reasons.

For one, it’s enabled the East German athletes to claim many Olympic medals and is also thought to be safe for children. But generally speaking, Turinabol is more beneficial for athletes than bodybuilders, even though bodybuilders can also benefit from its use.

Whatever might be your reasons for starting a Turinabol cycle, it’s vital to learn the fundamentals about this steroid to make the best use of it, starting with what it is.

What is Turinabol?

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Turinabol, also called Tbol, is an orally administered and synthetically produced Androgenic Anabolic Steroid (AAS). Its workings are similar to that of testosterone, although it was derived from Dianabol. Therefore, the characteristics and chemical structure of turinabol are identical to that of Dianabol. However, you can consider it a milder form of Dianabol. Initially, it served as a treatment for anemia, low testosterone in males, reduced muscle atrophy caused by osteoarthritis, and breast cancer.

Today, it exists commonly in the form of pills, and you can buy Tbol tablets for easy dosage and consumption at different sources online. However, it’s vital to thoroughly research and understand the inner workings of the Turinabol cycle and whether post-cycle therapy is necessary.

Whether you’re currently using Tbol or thinking about getting Turinabol for any reason, here are five key things you should know going forward to make the most of your investment.

Primary Benefits of Turinabol

Generally, muscle gains resulting from Tbol use are subtle and moderate compared to other AAS such as Dianabol. However, this provides several benefits such as:

Boost Endurance Levels

Turinabol is excellent at making users stronger, faster, and better. It was initially popularized by its use by endurance athletes, which led to several doping cases involving swimmers and runners, mainly from East Germany, called the GDR doping program. One of the critical reasons for these benefits is the faster recovery rate the Tbol cycle produces in users.

Reduce Body Fat

The primary reason Tbol is ideal during the cutting phase is its ability to eliminate excess fat. With Turinabol, you can remove fat accumulated during the bulking phase. This compound triggers the shedding of fat by altering the body’s metabolism. This makes it a uniquely multipurpose steroid since few steroids can help gain lean muscle and lose weight at the same time.

Increased Strength

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A boost in strength is one of the first reasons many choose this steroid. Typically, you will notice a significant increase in power after using it for a week.

Muscle Growth

Some bodybuilders chose to use Turinabol with another steroid to promote muscle gain and definition, increasing athletic performance. Sure, you won’t see substantial muscle gains with Tbol, but it produces dry muscle gain lacking water retention. So, what results can you expect if you shop oral Turinabol 20 mg online? Continue reading to find out.

Gains to Expect

Turinabol use isn’t as widespread as some alternative oral ASSs because users mostly see a lot of muscle mass. Comparing Tbol with Dianabol, a Dianabol cycle usually produces about 10 to 12 pounds of gains within the first few days. But, this gain is characterized by water and glycogen, which you’ll later lose.

On the other hand, Tbol does help users fill up but without the ballooned and watery gains. So instead of the first few days, it may take you about four weeks to gain 10 to 12 pounds while on a Turinabol cycle. The precise gain will vary based on your stats. This explains why Tbol is the ideal first choice for people looking to gain reasonable levels of lean muscle mass.

This compound has an anabolic rating of 54 and isn’t suitable if you want to see extraordinary mass gains in a short cycle.

Recommended Dosage of Tbol

Mostly, new users in the athletic or bodybuilding community prefer to begin using 20mg of Turinabol for a four-week cycle. However, a steroid user with more experience and tolerance can take 80mg each day for six weeks. It is vital to proceed with care and learn what works for your system and helps you achieve your goals. Also, it’s more advisable to get started with a lower dose and work your way up gradually. As you would expect, men and women take different amounts. If you’re a woman wanting to start a Turinabol cycle, it’s wise to start with 5 to 10 mg per day for four weeks.

Stacking Turinabol

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One thing to keep in mind when running a Turinabol-only cycle, your testosterone suppression level can get dangerously high. As such, it’s vital to pair it with testosterone-friendly alternative steroids, especially for higher Tbol doses. For starters, you can pair it with anti-estrogens like letrozole or anastrozole during your cutting cycle. Apart from this, it works excellently with steroids such as Winstrol or Masteron. But if you want to boost muscle mass, stacking with Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, or trenbolone produces the best results.

Turinabol Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Similar to other anabolic steroid cycles, your testosterone levels will take a hit after a Turinabol cycle. To prevent this, you have PCT to ensure the restoration of natural testosterone levels. Usually, this involves two weeks of Clomid or 20mg of daily Nolvadex. Ultimately, your PCT will last between four to 6 weeks. Also, the length of your PCT depends mainly on the duration of your steroid cycle and the performance enhances you stacked with your Tbol cycle.


Turinabol is primarily an oral AAS that provides enhanced muscular endurance, strength, and a boost to lean muscle mass gains. It can also prevent fatigue and enable faster recovery while increasing the effectiveness of steroids stacked with it. Hence, several people who engage in physically demanding sports, such as athletes, rely on a Turinabol cycle. However, it’s key to remember that Tbol alone isn’t exactly the steroid for those looking to bulk. Instead, it’s instrumental in cutting cycles to get a learner physic that avoids water retention. With these five points, you should better understand what to expect from your Tbol cycle and obtain the best results.



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