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Jon Jones Found With TBOL Metabolites Post UFC 232 Drug Test

Jon Jones was hoping to leave his UFC 232 knockout win over Alexander Gustafsson without controversy, however he finds himself back in the mix after testing for trace amounts of TBOL metabolites in his test sample. The sample had been collected by Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) as part of the in-competition drug test found a long-term oral turinabol usage has been going on with Mr. Jon Jones. With all the attention on himself for past violations its mind blowing to think he would be continuing to use performance enhancing anabolic steroids however he seems to be just as willing as ever to take them and try to beat the test. As many users know, taking a substance like tbol can prove to have great results and allow you to perform better. Jones must believe that he needs this compound to have a competitive edge over other fighters and is will to risk it by cycling


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(, cleansing the body, and trying to beat the test.

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