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Steroids in Sports – How They Give You a Competitive Edge


In any major sport such as ice hockey, tennis, basketball, cricket, lacrosse, wrestling, powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc., there is bound to be steroid use. Whether it is ethical or not, that is neither here nor there for this post. But the fact of the matter is that steroids can give you and other athletes a competitive edge.


How Steroids Make Athletes Excel


Faster Recovery

Intense everyday workouts, on and off the field skills training, and nervous system learning all call for massive recovery. And when it is your job to play a professional sport, you need to recover not only well, but fast.

Steroids prove to let athletes train for longer and harder paving the way for incredible athletic feats. As seen in the 1976 Olympics, the East Germans dominated the playing field by winning forty gold medals across the entire Summer Games. Largely due to anabolic steroids and rigorous training, the East Germans helped introduce the power of anabolics to the world.

By recovering faster than you ever could imagine naturally, anabolic steroids are a viable option for extreme athletic training. Along with a speedy return every day to training, you can enjoy a multitude of other benefits such as more power, strength speed, and endurance. Anabolic steroids turn what athletes could not do before and present it as a reality.

Explosive Power

Out of all the athletic traits, power is the one that truly puts athletes on a whole other level than everyone else. When you have the ability to emit considerable raw strength as fast as possible, you have athletic power.

Essential for all ball sports, sprinting, and more, power is what separates the haves from the have nots. And what better suits an already dominant athlete that wants to become stronger? Steroids can launch an already genetically gifted athlete to the highest possible reaches of their sport.

By supplementing raw power through creating faster twitching muscle fibers, explosive power is further bolstered by anabolics. Steroids are the perfect match for a power athlete looking to gain the edge on their competition. Without a doubt, the power difference is vast when it comes to users versus non-users.

Increased Strength

Most steroids, even anabolics designed for cutting, build a considerable amount of strength. While strength is a crucial cornerstone for many sports, it can be an enormous benefit to take steroids for essential athletic strength gains.

Sports that include the use of gear and equipment can greatly benefit from an increased strength threshold. As an example, hockey players that are accustomed to wearing heavy pads, skates, and carrying can feel light as a feather even with those extra pounds, training with weights, and checking other players.

As for other sports strictly focused on strength such as powerlifting, steroids play a large role. Through proper diet, training, and rest to the best of one’s ability, steroids are always going to push one past their natural strength limits. Simply put, athletes using steroids always are going to be stronger than genetically similar athletes who are training, dieting, and sleeping the exact same way.

Improved Speed

A great deal of athletics is determined upon speed. It is the largest gap between amateurs and professionals. The faster an athlete goes, the better chance they have at beating their opponents.

Of course, a large part of any athletic trait is due to excellent genetics. That is no different for speed. On a similar page to power, speed is improved through pushing fast twitch muscle fibers past known physical limits.

Athletic steroid users rely on their improved speed to crush the competition. Sprinters, footballers, rugby players, etc. all need to be as quick as they can on their feet. Not only are they naturally quick, but when steroids come into the mix, these athletes become nearly impossible to catch.

Greater Stamina

Not only are fast, power-driven sports affected by steroids, but endurance athletes are notable users as well. Long distance running requires more oxygen to the body than most athletes because of the tremendous cardiovascular demand. These runners often either take extra testosterone to recover faster or reinject their blood (EPO) to create more red blood cells.

As with all testosterone-based steroids, the recovery process is sped up faster. So what does that do to an endurance athlete that needs to train every day? It provides faster recovery to push past their limits during every training session. In a different light, it speeds up the athletes natural time clock as if they trained for a few years in only a few months.

Imagine how you can push past the competition with only a few months of training that translates into years of hard work if done the natural way. Although endurance runners are not what you typically think as a swole, incredibly powerful athlete, anabolics have their rightful place in the stamina arena.

Shred Fat

Most athletes training regimens are so high strung that losing weight is never a problem in the first place. However, during the offseason, some may become more relaxed than others by adding a few pounds of fat.

As with every athletic issue, there is a steroid that can fix the problem such as carrying too much fat. Cutting steroids are designed to do precisely that. By raising your metabolism and body temperature, weight loss steroids are capable of shredding of multiple pounds per week. Plus, alongside proper macros, micronutrients, and sleep, anabolics for cutting weight speed up the process significantly.


Off Season Steroid Use

Many athletes that take steroids are in federations that do not discriminate against drug use. Others simply use them during the offseason to train hard and be in top-tier shape for the real season. Whatever the case may be, steroids definitely provide an athletic advantage that no one can deny. Within a relative playing field, all athletes can have a better chance at being faster, stronger, more powerful, and leaner through using anabolic steroids.

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