How does clomid work

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How does clomid work


Maybe you have heard a friend or influencer talk a bit about Clomid and it seemed just like your type of SERM for PCT (post cycle therapy). Clomid is actually short for Clomiphene Citrate, which is an anti-estrogen drug. These types of PCT drugs are crucial for regaining hormonal balance after steroidal cycles, whether they are long or short in duration. Once you learn everything you need to know about Clomid, try it out and see it can work for you too.


Clomid Background

Known as a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), Clomid is closely related to Nolvadex. Clomid first made its world debut during the 1970s as a prescription for infrequent female menstruation.

Clomid is classified as an anti-estrogen drug, but that does not mean it can’t help infertile females and males. Arguably, its close cousin Nolvadex performs better head to head against Clomid regarding antagonistic action within the breast tissue. Simply stated, Clomid is not as effective as Nolvadex for its primary medical use – treating female infertility and optimal estrogen production.

In a different light, Clomid has been found to raise testosterone levels, which many bodybuilders have taken full advantage of. Since certain anabolics such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, and testosterone run estrogenic compounds, Clomid helps restore and maintain test levels as post cycle therapy.

If you are looking to take Clomid for its positive PCT properties, you are in good hands. Explicitly speaking, Clomid inhibits estrogen production. Whether it is natural estrogen production or estrogenic from anabolic androgenic steroids, Clomid stops estrogen right in its track. This is vital to give your body’s testosterone a chance to return back to life.


Clomid and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

During an anabolic steroid cycle, testosterone production halts because of the overflow of external hormones. In turn, lifters who use Clomid as a post cycle therapy help their body recover their suppressed HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) levels. In order to recover safely and start producing testosterone naturally again, Clomid is used as a crutch to get back on track.

Clomid triggers your hypophysis to release gonadotropins. Specifically, proteins are secreted by the pituitary gland to create FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). These proteins are necessary to balance your natural testosterone production again.

In other words, you can effectively maintain your gains from the main steroid cycle during post cycle therapy with Clomid. And, your natural testosterone production is given a chance to return to normal.


Clomid Benefits

Originally made to combat female and male infertility, Clomid also is an excellent option for PCT (post cycle therapy) for steroid users. As it relates to bodybuilding, Clomid is one of the vital PCT drugs needed for bringing back a healthy amount of testosterone production into your endocrine system. Check out its numerous benefits and see if you would like to buy Clomid right here on Canadian Anabolics.

Restores HPTA Levels

HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) is stimulated by LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Both LH and FSH are needed for the body to produce testosterone on its own after a steroidal cycle. For women, the same process is called HPOA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Ovarian Axis). By acting as a fake estrogen in the body, Clomid inhibits natural estrogen production. In turn, HPTA levels are generously allowed to soar up again producing adequate testosterone levels.

Increases Testosterone

As mentioned through the HPTA process above, testosterone levels reach back to optimal levels with Clomid. After about 30-45 days of using Clomid, users can expect their test levels to be ideal. By inhibiting estrogen, Clomid balances your system’s hormones during post cycle therapy.

Fights Steroidal Side Effects

Not only can you use Clomid for PCT, but it is beneficial during a cycle as well. As an example, if you were to stack Dianabol and Boldenone, there would be plenty of estrogenic side effects. Instead of suffering through those adverse effects, adding Clomid to the stack would be highly beneficial to you. Since Clomid is anti-estrogenic, you would be able to get away with more of the benefits of those harder steroids without experiencing unwanted effects such as gynecomastia (man boobs).

Ideal for a PCT Stack

Not only can you take Clomid alone as a PCT, but it works best when stacked with Nolvadex and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Together, the compliments of anti-estrogenic are far more effective than merely injecting Clomid by itself. Buy Clomid and Nolvadex here at Canadian Anabolics.


Side Effects of Clomid

For most, SERMS are typically easier to handle than steroidal drugs. Even while they are easier on the body, side effects are still a possibility.

Headaches, hot flashes, nausea, and visual irritations and instabilities are all possible side effects with Clomid. For women, in particular, breast discomfort may be experienced too.

However, issues with your sight typically only happen with you stop taking Clomid for PCT and is extremely rare in the first place.

In comparison to anabolic side effects, your PCT side effects should be subtler– including PCT on Clomid.


Clomid Dosage and Cycle

Plan to take 50-100mg per day for 30-45 days depending on how long your anabolic cycle was. Even if you choose to stack it intra-cycle, take the same amount. Plus, there is no real reason to take more than 200mg per day of Clomid as it most likely will cause you more harm than good. As with all drugs, take Clomid responsibly by listening to your body. Only when you absolutely need to, adjust the dosage accordingly to what feels best within our recommendation.


Buy Clomid

As it turns out, Clomid is not that expensive compared to other recovery enhancement drugs. Most of us do not have time or patience to wait for a prescription, so buy Clomid here at Canadian Anabolics. While you are at it, let us know if you have any questions about our shop. We are here to help and encourage you to buy steroids in Canada stress-free. Feel free to check out all our topic because more you read, the easier it is to buy steroids online.

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