Testosterone Replacement Therapy: How to Do It and the Correct Dosing

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: How to Do It and the Correct Dosing

To feel our best, we must perform our best. When it comes to us men, testosterone plays as a key factor in helping determine how we live and feel.

Without balanced testosterone levels, we can become lethargic, unmotivated, depressed, weak, and so much more. Finding your hormonal sweet spot is crucial in letting your day to day activities go on without a hitch. Plus, the mental clarity involved with proper testosterone supplementation is night and day than without it.

As far as supplementing your vital hormone of confidence, many men are now relying on testosterone replacement therapy. When it comes to repairing your health, nothing in this world is more valuable. When you are strong, you can be strong for your loved ones and everyone around you.

What Exactly is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Also known as TRT for short, testosterone replacement therapy treats low T (testosterone) levels. Testosterone is largely responsible for sperm production and characteristic male qualities. This hormone is of upmost importance when it comes to living a life full of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Therapy through drug supplementation is introduced when there are noticeable changes in one’s lifestyle. Whether it is a chronic depressed mood, loss of sexual interest, or no motivation for daily life itself, low T levels can wreak havoc on your life. Moreover, athletes that use anabolic steroids need testosterone replacement therapy after their cycles finish.

TRT is known to help bring back men to their former glory and bodily fortitude as they once were before. And for lifters using anabolic, it is an absolutely necessary step for recovering from a cycle and getting back into action.

TRT Dosage and Cycle Length

Testosterone replacement therapy doses are highly individual, yet you can find your personal sweet spot with common ranges. If you are a bodybuilding gym-goer, a good range to start with is 400-600 mcg per week. For men over 40 that are active but do not workout multiple times per week, begin with at least 100-200 mcg per week.

Cycle length is just as variable as the daily dosage, but a good rule of thumb is to be on testosterone replacement therapy for at least 45-60 days. If applicable, start your first dose of TRT 2 weeks after your last anabolic injection or oral consumption.

Remember, everyone reacts and responds to TRT differently, so may feel a bit experimental for your first TRT cycle. Listen to your body and act accordingly.

Once you find an optimal level, do not take it for granted. Specifically, TRT is something where balance is a major factor for success. Taking more does not mean it will improve the benefits more. In fact, it can to the reverse and provide unnecessary amounts of estrogen. If there is too much testosterone in your body, your body automatically converts it into estrogen. Obviously, that is a red flag you need to be aware of and avoid if you happen to encounter that situation.

What Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Do for You?

Reduce Body Fat

Losing weight can feel like trial and error even when you think you are doing everything right.

On paper, you probably are hitting all your “fat loss” marks. But if your testosterone is out of whack, it is time to make a new game plan.

By supplementing testosterone and proper nutrition, you can dramatically lose the weight you desire.

Improve Deep Sleep

Have you been having trouble to fall asleep, and most importantly, stay asleep lately? Of course, there might be numerous of other reasons besides low T levels to get a good night’s rest. But this can be a significant factor as to why your deep sleep is never deep enough.

Testosterone replacement therapy can improve the quality of your sleep and bring you back to deep, cozy dreams every night.

Lower LDL Cholesterol

There is one thing none of us wants more of, and that is LDL cholesterol. This is the bad kind of cholesterol which builds up unnecessary amounts of cholesterol in your arteries. Eventually this leads to blood pressure and heart attacks, but TRT can help reverse this drawn-out, sneaky cholesterol.

Increases Muscle Mass and Strength

Whether you took anabolic steroids before starting TRT or not, muscle mass can either be retained or increased while supplementing testosterone. Without a doubt, we need testosterone for all muscle building related processes. Expect to put on a decent amount of size and strength when committing to TRT.

Improve Libido and Sexual Performance

You might have already heard that supplementing testosterone can have a great impact on your sex life. Bring back the sexual spice into your life with higher T levels through testosterone replacement therapy.

Improve Stress Management

When your life feels like it is not yours and someone or something is always demanding your time and energy, you are stressed out big time. Unknowingly, low testosterone is a result of being easily pushed over and non-confrontational. By taking TRT to balance testosterone levels, you can take back your life and call the shots. Ultimately, managing your stress for the better is going to feel like a walk in the park while on extra testosterone.

Increase Overall Confidence

Without a doubt, when you feel strong, sexy, and in control of your life, your confidence skyrockets. An overall surge in confidence is the crème of the crop of TRT benefits. It is when you know all your life factors come together and resonate effortlessly with a strong sense of passion.

Athletes that Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many lifters, athletes, and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to reach impressive goals. But using drugs year-round is not recommended for a functional life. You would fare much better if you used drugs for their appropriate cycle length, perform TRT, then take a decent rest from all drugs until you find it necessary to jump back on another cycle.

If you choose to not opt in for testosterone replacement therapy after an anabolic cycle, it will take a substantial amount of time to ever feel normal again. Anabolics take a huge toll on the body, which your body needs to be nursed back to health after such immense growth takes place.

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