How Does Tren Work In The Body

How Does Tren Work In The Body

How Does Tren Work in the Body?

Ever thought of stacking Trenbolone? Widely known as Tren in performance enhancement and bodybuilding circles, this is a powerfully effective mass-building steroid. Tren works with our body in various ways to produce outstanding muscle size and strength results.

The Science Behind Tren

Similar to Nandrolone, Tren is a 19-nor steroid. A slightly altered testosterone molecule at the 19th position provides an entirely new compound to work with. Yet this is where Trenbolone trumps Nandrolone – massive muscle fibers gains without water retention.

Tren has an incredibly high anabolic score of 500, which judges how effective its muscle-building properties are. To put this in perspective, Testosterone hosts an anabolic score of 100. Do not get this wrong, Testosterone is still a powerful anabolic. But Tren is on a whole different level.

Tren’s success is rooted in its ability to vastly increase the IGF-1 hormone. Located in your muscle tissue, IGF-1 helps dictate the amount of lean muscle mass you can put on. Moreover, muscle satellite cells become much more sensitized to the IGF-1 hormone. These cells are the workers that actually repair your damaged muscle cells.

Effects of Tren

Increases Nitrogen Retention

A central component to building and maintaining muscle with Trenbolone is enhanced nitrogen retention. Retaining nitrogen is critical to fast muscle repair. Plus, it offers a higher strength boost while you are working out.

If your dosages are on-point, your muscle nitrogen balance will stay positive. Remember, you need it to stay positive in order to remain in a steady anabolic state.

Since nitrogen is inside protein molecules, the more you have, the better. With a great deal of nitrogen in your cells, you are more capable of quickly producing muscle.

Effective Fat Loss

Trenbolone keeps a tight lock on fat levels. Even with a hearty caloric intake, your fat levels are still going to stay lower than normal on Trenbolone. If this were not the case, Tren would probably not be an incredibly popular bodybuilding drug.

Tren is able to give the best of both worlds – shred fat and pack on huge muscle mass. You can burn more calories yet still have enough energy to work hard and lift heavy in the weight room.

Improves Glycogenolysis

Our bodies demand a constant supply of glucose and glycogen to operate. Glycogenolysis is the process that breaks down glycogen into both glucose and glycogen that can be used by the body. We need this process to maintain hormonal and neural levels.

Muscles, joints, ligaments, and every component of lifting is under a lot of pressure. When glycogenolysis is improved with Tren, it makes the whole process much smoother.

Tren provides this much-needed balance to intense training sessions. This factor is vital to getting huge on Trenbolone. Without it, the substantial yet fast changes you see in the mirror wouldn’t occur.

Side Effects of Tren

Commonly reported side effects of Tren include acne, genetic hair loss, liver damage, kidney damage, stroke, heart attack, irritability, altered moods, and oily skin and hair.

Plus, Tren can lower your thyroid level, which in turn raises prolactin. However, you can combat this adverse effect by supplementing T3 alongside Tren. 25mcgs per day of T3 should be sufficient.

For athletes that rely on constant, fast-paced sports, Tren might feel like more harm than good. It lowers endurance athletes ability to keep pushing a high cardio level.

How to safely injection anabolics steroids

Recommended Tren Cycle and Dosing

If you nail this part, nothing can stop you. When properly executed, a well-planned Tren cycle is one of the most potent tools you can use anabolic steroids for.

Keep in mind, your goal is for long-term health instead of abusing steroids right out of the gate. Do not overuse anabolics for a couple of years then come to find you are burned out and need to quit. Instead, plan to take a more conservative approach and consistently use for years to come.

For first time Tren users, you need to stack and buy testosterone alongside it. Trenbolone suppresses our natural testosterone production. If you chose not to run testosterone replacement therapy, your T-levels would be nonexistent during a Tren cycle.

    Beginner – 50mg every other day for 8 weeks

    Experienced – Once how your body reacts to such compounds, 75mg every other day for 12 weeks is the recommended upper limit

    Advanced – 100mg every other day or 100mg every day for 10 weeks (usage close to competition – dosages not for off-season use)

Take note, the beginner-friendly cycle does not mean it is weaker than a more experienced user cycle. Cycles and dosages are individualized, yet this recommendation is as much as most users will ever need.

For advanced users, run Tren for the second half of your cycle. As an example, you may run Testosterone for 12 weeks alongside Deca Durabolin. But during the 10th week, introduce Trenbolone. Keep running Testosterone and Trenbolone for 10 more weeks for a total of 20 weeks on Testosterone. For only 2 weeks during the middle of the cycle will you be running Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, and Trenbolone.

The most vital reminder is to listen to your body and adjust either cycle or dosage accordingly.

Results from Tren

Although Trenbolone is traditionally used as a contest prep drug, it can be used for a variety of goals. Whether you would like to get bigger, stronger, or lean up, Tren has the power to knock your goals out of the park.

You can expect to build lean muscle mass when cycling Trenbolone. Imagine a lean bulk that does not take years to accomplish. With Tren, your dream physique is just around the corner.

Through hard work in the gym, on the field, and consistency in your diet and sleep, Tren can be the final factor in producing the massive chiseled body you need.

Are you ready to take the next step for your fitness goals and make your plans a reality? Whatever your goals are, Tren has your back and might just be exactly what you need to succeed.

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