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Canadian Anabolics Review: I would like to start this review by stating that I was more than slightly skeptical about placing an order with Canadian Anabolics or for that matter, any online company offering identical services. Afterall, ordering gear online is somewhat new to me and needless to say, I was wondering if this or any site offering these services was legit.

 I ultimately chose this site over all others for several reasons. First of all, the actual site was professionally constructed. It was obvious that this wasn’t erected overnight. I was really impressed with the amount of content featured on the site. I found a lot of the articles in relation to specific products quite useful and interesting to read. This was something I found to be unique to this site only, something competitors seemed to be lacking. It also made me feel more at ease since it made me feel this was a legitimate business selling legit products. A lot of work has obviously gone into creating, assembling and posting this content. Definitely a plus!  Secondly, the product selection was diverse. More specifically, the one product I was actually looking for was only offered here and nowhere else in Canada. In case you’re wondering that product was cabergoline, something in my opinion you absolutely need when running Tren or Deca. I can honestly say that after hours of searching in frustration, this was the only site that I was able to find which offers it in Canada. Finally I had some questions I needed answers to before placing my order. I was impressed not only with the expedient response, but also with the product knowledge. I emailed my questions in the “contact us” section of the website and I received a thorough response hours later, not days later. Considering I had not yet even placed an order, I found this to be quite impressive. 

Canadian Anabolics Review: Packaging

So with most of my concerns now at ease I placed my order. It was on a Sunday. I must admit, I was still slightly skeptical, afterall, this is a new experience for me. I was starting to feel much more confident when on Monday afternoon I received an email with full tracking info for my order. Then on Friday of that week my order had arrived. I was super impressed. The packaging was professional and discreet. The whole order was shipped using a Canada Post bubble envelope and every item was individually wrapped ensuring no product could be damaged during shipping. Again I would like to state how important it was to me that the whole package was completely nondescript. Nobody receiving it would think twice as to its contents unless it was actually opened. 

Canadian Anabolics Review: Product

In terms of the actual products they are definitely legit. I have just started my cycle and as someone who has used gear on and off through my life I can say with complete confidence this stuff is the real deal.  I will be placing orders exclusively with this fine company from here on in. This is much easier than I ever thought it would be and the best part in my opinion is how these guys have modernized and revolutionized an industry that was up until now very underground and sketchy. This from my experience so far is also much safer than buying from untrusted sources. The pricing is also competitive with other online and offline sources. I should also mention that shortly after receiving my order I received an email with a coupon for $10 off my next order. I know that may seem like a trivial amount but it is still a nice gesture. It at the very least takes a good chunk out of the shipping costs. I did create an account on the company website and I would suggest anyone reading this do the same. It allows access to specials and promos. This in my opinion is another nice unique added touch. 

Canadian Anabolics Review Overall

My overall experience with Canadian Anabolics has been nothing but positive. I understand how some reading this review may be skeptical and think I am omitting negative information or simply embellishing my experience. Please understand that I was that person prior to placing and receiving my order. I read reviews on their site and wondered aloud as to their authenticity or accuracy. I was super skeptical. Afterall you’re buying gear not supplements, this whole experience for me was super underground until now. Despite all these feelings, I took the plunge or leap of faith. My rationale was that I was tired of using unreliable sources and I wanted something better. Deep down I knew I was going to do this online for the first time but I just didn’t know which site to choose. I had nobody in person who I knew that could recommend one so I was on my own. I chose Canadian Anabolics for all the reasons I mentioned above and I have not been disappointed. I guess in a way I got lucky but another way of looking at it is these guys have done everything possible to show they are legit. 

Canadian Anabolics Review Summary

If you are like me and are tired of getting messed around or ripped off then give these guys a shot. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Once you place your order you will soon see that this is being handled by a professional company who are in it for the long haul. When you receive your products and see how professionally and discreetly packaged everything is not to mention how legit they are, you will wonder why you didn’t buy gear this way sooner. I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is serious stuff and it’s being handled by a serious company. There really isn’t much more I can say. If you haven’t used a service like this before then you have no idea how much easier and better it is than what you are currently doing to get your gear. If accountability, reliability and professionalism are something you demand when making a purchase of this magnitude, don’t hesitate. Place your order now. You wont regret it. I promise!

Tam (Toronto, ON)

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