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Ways to Use Injectable Steroids Without Pain

Injectable steroids are common among bodybuilders and athletes who use them to increase muscle mass and strength. Primarily, however, steroids are used as anti-inflammatory medications which can treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, inflammatory bowel, and joint pain. 

Knowing how to inject steroids is an integral part of using it. Whatever use you have for it, the right technique will make the process less painful. When using steroids Canada has to offer, follow these steps to make the process easier for you.

Understanding the Different Steroid Injection Techniques

When learning how to inject steroids, the technique matters. There are different methods of injecting steroids into the body. These include:

  • Intra-articular injections for the joints
  • Epidural injections in the spine
  • Intravenous injection into the blood
  • Intramuscular injections into the muscle

If you’re doing it yourself, the intramuscular injection process is your best pick. Intramuscular injection delivers the medication deep into the muscles, giving you different benefits.

Intramuscular-injected medication allows quick absorption into the bloodstream. Some injectable steroids are also very irritating to the veins because of the carrier. The muscles can also hold higher doses of the steroids.

What are the Different Intramuscular Injection Sites?

There are many intramuscular injection sites available for you. You want to shoot the syringe into a big muscle group for the least pain. These include:

  • deltoid muscles (middle-upper arms)
  • vastus lateralis (middle-upper thigh)
  • ventrogluteal muscle (side hip near the pelvis)
  • dorsogluteal muscle (buttocks)

If you’re self-injecting, the best sites are the vastus lateralis on the thigh and dorsogluteal muscle on the buttocks. These offer the biggest muscle mass limits if you’re using injectable steroids.

Preparing for the Steroidal Injection

When you plan on injecting steroids, you need to prepare the right equipment. You need a syringe with a needle long enough and thick enough to reach the muscles. This preparation will also make sure the drug passes through the needle.

For your choice of a syringe barrel, a 2 – 3 ml barrel is more than enough. The maximum limit of fluid you can inject at any time is up to 2 ml. 

As for the needle, the best choices are 21-gauge (1.5-inch) or 23-gauge (1.25-inch) needles to pull the liquid into the needle. The ideal number of needles to use is two: one for drawing and another for the injection. For the injection needle, we recommend using a 23-gauge or 25 gauge needle for injection purposes.

Other equipment that you need to prepare include alcohol, cotton, the vial and a sharps box. All your equipment should be sterile and placed on a clean surface. Never share anything with anybody, especially the needles.

Make sure to dispose of every piece of equipment you use. Never reuse barrels or needles as it can bruise your muscles or make insertions painful. Once you’re done, put all parts of your syringe into a special “sharps” box and sealed it to prevent accidental pricks.

Setting Up Your Injection

When learning how to inject steroids, make sure to set all your equipment. Put everything on a safe, clean area with a flat surface. Confirm that you have everything before you start injecting the steroids.

When you use injectable steroids, or any injection, for that matter, you are open to infections. A lethal infection can cause severe problems, including paralysis. With that said, make sure to keep everything clean.

Wash your hands with soap and water for a minute or two, including the fingernails. Wash and disinfect the site that you will use for the injection too.

Find a comfortable, well-lit area where you will do the injection. If you can, inject at the same time every day. 

Finding the Best Injection Site

Choose the injection site you want. For the vastus lateralis muscle of the thigh, divide it into three parts horizontally. The injectable steroids will go into the middle of the thigh visible to you. It’s best to do sit down to see the area you want to inject.

If you’re going to inject at the dorsogluteal muscle of the buttocks, somebody should do it for you. Divide the buttocks into four regions. The injection sites are the upper right quadrant of the right buttock and upper left quadrant of the left buttock.

How to Inject Steroids Safely

First, hold the vial up to the light to confirm that there is no discolouration or contamination. Oil-based solutions work better if they are at body temperature. 

If you are happy with the condition of the steroid, take the cap off and clean the rubber stopper. Use cotton with alcohol or alcohol swab and let it dry. 

Push the needle through the seal and inject some air to create negative pressure. Start drawing back the plunger until you reach the dosage that you want. There is a big possibility that the initial push can blunt the needle. When this happens, discard the needle into your sharps box and replace it with a new one.

Doing the Steroid Shot

Get rid of any air or bubbles in the steroids itself. Learning how to inject steroids means you need to do air shots. Push the plunger to remove any bubbles and flick the syringe until there’s no air.

Use an alcohol swab or alcohol cotton on the site, then let your skin dry for a few seconds. Use your thumb and finger to stretch your skin and flatten the surface.

Hold the syringe like a dart and push the needle through the skin and into the muscle. When pushing injectable steroids, it’s essential to go in at a 90-degree angle. Insert the needle three-fourths of the way and take care not to hit the bone.

Before pushing the steroids, pull the plunger a bit and make sure you’re not hitting a vein or artery. If there is blood, pull out and apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

Once you’re happy with the injection, release the skin and press the plunger. Push it slowly to prevent any pain from a sudden influx of the drug. Once you finish, pull out the syringe and press a clean cotton ball on the area.

Finally, dispose everything into your sharps box.

Use Injectable Steroids with Care

When learning how to inject steroids, preparation is a crucial step. If you want to use injectable steroids, it’s best to consult an expert who can help. Ask as many questions as possible, and learn the process. If you’re anxious about doing the injection itself, find a healthcare provider who can help. 

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